Forget about Flying Cars – When Do We Get Our Personal Space Bubbles?

I have been thinking about this for some time, as people get increasingly politically correct and aware that what may be inoffensive to oneself may be offensive to another. The solution? Personal Mobile Space Bubbles.

[I’m sure a really good acronym could be made up, but you get the idea. Human condoms. Space suits. Great waldos.]

My thought is this: you get to control the personal space bubble environment to be exactly as you wish. Find the world too loud to properly listen to your iPod while taking the bus? The audio of your space bubble automatically adjusts to what you want. Find the temperature at that hip music venue a tad too cold (Why is that, anyway? Is it supposed to make us consume more alcohol to make us warm?) then make sure your personal space bubble is always the temperature you like. Or the thought of going out for a jog first thing in the morning too daunting in the chilly morn? Or the office temperature is not to your liking, too much noise to concentrate in the cube farm? The guy from the mailroom not clear on personal boundaries? Personal Space Bubble to the rescue. Socially incorrect flatulence a problem? Allergic to other people’s perfumes and colognes? The office too impersonal and not smelling like home enough? Personal Space Bubble is the solution.

Forget about heating an entire room to keep people warm, let them manage their own warmth. Putting on a big show, with mega-amplification? Make the neighbors happy and set the volume to reasonable, and everyone else who wants it loud can crank their personal space bubbles to the max, past 11!

This sort of personal individualization, with our ever-increasing population and continued urbanization is the way to go. With proper filtering, it could even help considerably with cutting down the passing of air-borne diseases. Ineffective general heating and cooling for large spaces would also be greatly reduced, thus decreasing our carbon dioxide emissions. 

Okay, so I haven’t figured out how the unit would actually be powered (solar?static electricity? use the human body as battery concept of The Matrix?), and how all the awesome features could be easily contained in a small enough unit (nanotechnology? micro-micro processors?), and still be accessible to change the settings as needed, but I’m just an idea person, not the inventor. But if someone does come up with this, please feel free to contribute a paltry 1% of future earnings to my idea fund, for suggesting this and getting the ball rolling. If you inventors want to work on the flying car too, feel free, but I certainly can’t take any credit for that idea. Donate to your favorite sci-fi charity for that one….

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