Do Cats Get Bored?

Now that I don’t have a steady job taking me away from my residence more than 40 hours a week, I find myself at home a lot, avoiding spending money. So I find myself in the company of my cat. And as I have always wondered what goes through his brain, I find myself wondering that even more so.

We used to live on a ground floor apartment, and I always kept the kitchen window propped and blocked open large enough for him to come and go as he pleased. Of course, if I was home, he always insisted on standing in front of the door and meowing to be let out. He’d always come back in through the kitchen window, of course. Power trip!

But now, we live on the top floor of a building, with no balcony, no place to go. I let him out into the hallway when I get home some nights, if it’s late enough. If any neighbors come down the hallway or the elevator stops on our floor, he immediately runs back into the apartment.

But mostly, he just sleeps. When I am sitting, he comes and naps on my lap.

Lap napping cat

Lap napping cat





When I go to bed, he comes and curls up on the bed and sleeps the night through with me.

Bed Sleeping Cat

Bed Sleeping Cat

Right now, as I type, he is sleeping, either on the dirty laundry or on the bed or on the sofa.

Laundry Pile Sleeping Cat

Laundry Pile Sleeping Cat

Does he sleep because he is bored? Is he bored? Are his dreams his reality, and his waking life of eating, drinking and walking about the dream world for him?

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2 Responses to “Do Cats Get Bored?”

  1. gary Says:

    from what I hear, cats sleep more than any creature on earth, 20 plus hours a day!

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    and does that make their quality of life better or worse than most other creatures, is what I wonder!

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