A Night out in LA

So, been sick for over a week, runny nose but brain works fine, bored out of my head, felt like I should do something to reward myself for being good in taking care of myself (though it hasn’t seemed to have changed the mind of the cold lodged in my body!) and decided I should go out.

A band I had been attempting to see was playing at a club I had never been to, and so I took myself there. $5 cover charge, I could even afford it! Merely the cost of that expensive mocha over in Silverlake instead, and I get four hours of band entertainment for a night.

The first band up was Clevis. Now at least I finally find I had been pronouncing the band name wrong, it’s a short e sound eh, not a long e ee. They are a drum and bass duo, and as the best of those duos go, the bassist is more than a mere single note or chord player at a time, but covers the roles of bass and lead guitar all at the same time. That and with three sets of pedals and effects, including a looper, and one would never know there were only two musicians on the stage. The bassist’s fingers crawled like frantic spiders up and down the keyboard. Here’s a short clip of their performance now that I have resolved technical difficulties:

Clevis in action

Clevis in action

The second band was another drum and bass duo, Batman vs. Predator. This band had a lot less toys to play with. But as soon as I saw the drummer take his long-sleeved shirt off to reveal a T-shirt before he sat down on his stool, and noticed he was wearing shorts, I figured the drumming would be extremely vigorous. And I was not disappointed. If anyone believes drumming to be a passive activity, they need to see this band in action. I kept trying to get  pictures of the drummer and the numerous facial expressions he had, and this was the best I could get:

Batman vs. Predator

Batman vs. Predator

You can see a little bit of a smile. I counted four throughout the performance. Otherwise it was all intense looks of  concentration, grimaces and sneers.
They played one, long, continuous song with multiple parts. It was all energy. Furious, whirlwind manic but controlled energy. Just watching, I felt as if I had ridden on an insanely fast roller coaster, death potentially imminent. When done, the audience paused and then applauded enthusiastically, calling for more. That’s when they told us they only had the one song. “Play it again!” shouted someone. “”Backwards!” “Remixed!” as they packed up their gear to make way for the next band. I wondered if I got a rush just from watching, how the band members felt. How do you come down from an adrenaline rush like that?
Next up was Head of Destiny. They added a singer and a guitarist. Since the stage was tiny (not really, but since it is normally a jazz club and there was a grand piano already there on stage, there wasn’t enough room for a band, amps and microphones), the drummer and singer set up in front of the stage. Which meant I had to move out of the way, give up my fine seat closest to the stage, since that was where the drum kit now was. 
Head of Destiny

Head of Destiny

After the first song, the drummer took his shirt off. Again, a sign of vigorous drumming ahead! But it was the singer who could not work off his energy. After experiencing technical difficulties setting up, the singer walked, stalked, sat, paced…. Needless to say, he was pretty impossible to get a decent picture of.
And last, but not least, was Bastidas. Drum, bass, guitar. Both guitarists sang. Half way through the set, they switched their instruments. The male guitarist took his cue from the singer of Head of Destiny and could not stay vertical or stationary. As he lurched towards the audience and other band members, I feared for his safety and ability to remain upright, and the other band members and all the furniture and audience members. I could just imagine a trip over one of the cords, falling headlong into a table’s edge, blood spewing, death and the end of the set. Apparently some of the audience felt the same, as an entire table suddenly got up and moved to the side of the crowd. The people who sat next to me had an entire table to protect them, and my only saving grace was being on the side, there was no reason to head towards the wall behind me. Not mere music, it was a performance piece too!


That rounded out the evening, and for such a small price, I was glad I went. It took me several hours to wind down enough to even attempt to fall asleep, fortunately it was Sunday the next day, with nothing in particular planned.

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