Bill Pay Day

Today is my randomly chosen bill pay day, the day that I actually deal with my finances, figure out what I need to live on for the next few upcoming weeks, pay some bills, do some research, go and get money from one bank and walk it over to another bank, verify that automatic payments have gone through, balance my checkbook,… fun stuff. I found a new location for my main bank, which meant I didn’t need to walk all the way from Bunker Hill back to its other location, but could take different streets home. In doing so, I discovered there was a farmer’s market going on in downtown LA on Fridays 10 am to 2 pm at the Bank of America Plaza (333 S. Hope). Good to know. It’s bigger than this picture would indicate, as the stalls surround a park and fountain and just edge this sculpture.

Look for the Orange Sculpture on Bunker Hill for Friday's LA Farmers Market

Look for the Orange Sculpture on Bunker Hill for Friday's LA Farmers Market












Found a few other Starbucks locations, ones I might actually apply at because their hours are more when I would like to work, early morning and little weekend.

A friend called this morning to let me know that Coachella Music and Arts Festival tickets were going on sale today, did I know that? (Actually I hadn’t, I had seen that they were going to post the performers soon, but didn’t know the tickets were now available too.) And no, despite having gone previous years, no discount for returning festival goers, not this festival. The awesome organizers of Lollapolooza and Austin City Limits play that game, but not Goldenvoice, who runs Coachella.

On my way to play on bill pay day, my friend called back, as I had tried for 45 minutes to get into the website to buy tickets via a new layaway plan they were offering, but only on-line. I had left a message with her wondering if perhaps she could buy my ticket, and I could pay her back on our own arranged layaway plan? She asked if I was planning on getting reservations at the same place I had stayed previous years, and I said yes, a wonderful resort where I book a room that can accomodate 6, and she said perhaps we could work out an exchange for her buying my ticket and her staying with me. I agreed we definitely could work out something.

And then she called me back, apologizing profusely, telling me that she just looked at her calendar, and realized she couldn’t go, that a work event that had been scheduled months before conflicted with the weekend. I told her no problem, good thing she realized it before she bought the tickets, and perhaps she could come one or two nights of the weekend, if not all three nights? She didn’t think so. I said I would go ahead and book the place, in case anything changed, and I could always cancel before the event if I couldn’t get the ticket on lawaway and no one else wanted to share the rooms with me.

Once home, I finally was able to get to the layaway screen, only accessible through the Coachella website, not through the ticketmaster website. I chose the 10% down option, and it promptly charged me far greater than 10%. But there is no extra charge for using the layaway, and the remaining two payments come to the same grand total, so it’s all good in my book.

A previous year I had advertised rooms available during the festival weekend, and had no problem finding people willing to share the space with me. One room with a King bed has its own bathroom, another room has at least privacy with a door to its Queen sized bed and a common shared bathroom, and the final bed is in the living room as a Queen sized murphy bed. There is even a spacious deck if you want a little more quiet and bring a sleeping bag. I will have no problem finding takers to stay at a quiet, luxurious spot only four miles from the venue. I might even charge a little more than I did last time, to make sure it pays for itself and my ticket to the festival, and all will be extremely good.

The room is already booked, I have my ticket on layaway, all is good.

Not only was today bill pay day, but it was also money making potential day. Yay. All in a day’s work. Now it is time to go and tutor, my actual paying gig of the moment. After a couple of hours battling automated computer programs on websites, I feel like I actually accomplished something.

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