DeLorean Spotted

Today I saw a DeLorean on the road. Just wanted to let you know that they still exist and are still on the road. This is not the first one I have seen since moving to the West Coast. This is about the fourth I have seen since moving here. And I know I have seen it before, because this one has vanity plates that says WINGS. Perhaps because of its famous gull wings as doors.

My favorite DeLorean, which used to park in the same office garage as I did, had the vanity plate MCFLY. Is that not awesome? I never knew who owned it, but Microsoft still had an office in our building at the time, perhaps a techie geek there owned it. Or perhaps any number of other employees in the two adjoining buildings who may have moved on to other companies. Sadly, I haven’t seen it since.

Looking at it, it looked a little tarnished, not so shiney and new, but it still looks so futuristic and progressive, and I really wished there were more being made to this day. Such a shame.

3 Responses to “DeLorean Spotted”

  1. DeLorean Car Rental Says:

    You can always visit if you want to borrow one yourself!

  2. Shannon Says:

    There were just under 9000 Deloreans made. I own one in Texas. The Deloreans are being made. There is a company called Delorean Motor company located in the Houston area. They have all the left over factory parts. They recently started making Deloreans with the parts. Their website is

  3. redroomsalon Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the info! Maybe, one day, I can still dream of getting one of my own then. After I get an economically super-efficient car, and once I actually own a place with parking included, of course. 🙂

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