New Things

I was really looking forward to today.

I had a gig lined up as an extra for a graduation scene on a movie shoot.

No, it wasn’t paid, but in living here in Los Angeles I figured I should make the effort to have the experience of being an extra. Oh wait, I think I was one once before, in a crowd scene for a band playing. The enticement there was the fake filmed band opened for an actual real band, and the tickets were free. And at the House of Blues on Sunset. So it was real, but only a part of it was Hollywood magic. That’s why I forgot about it. But I didn’t remember seeing any cameras, which I suspect were focused on the performance, not the crowd. I was way in the back, behind the pillars that support the balcony, so my ability to spot cameras was somewhat hampered. And maybe they used handheld digital cameras. Who knows. But the band I went to see was good, although I can’t even remember who they were now.

So this current film shoot was posted on an email list I get, respond quickly and we’ll get you on the list, but you HAVE to commit to doing it. I looked at my calendar, saw that I had nothing scheduled, and agreed. And then waited for the info. An informational email was expected on Thursday, it said, telling us where to go and what to wear. It also warned that it was a come rain or shine shoot. Thursday came, and they did send an email, but merely to apologize it was taking so long to get all the information they promised from the producers. And to keep checking our emails.

Then the torrential rains came. Yes it rains in Southern California, it is our equivalent of the snow storms of the North and East. Gets so bad that all freeway traffic crawls to a stop for lack of visibility. I hit some of that yesterday, driving my car home from the mechanic’s. Keep a safe distance, and your eyes on the road, and no problems. But since this is LA, and everyone is in a hurry, other people tend not to keep safe distances, and also tend to be doing things other than just driving, so it is common to have hundreds of accidents clogging up the streets and highways in a single day. Usually just fender-benders, but still.

So no email came about the seven hour photo shoot (a short one, and part of its appeal) of a graduation scene over in Westwood at the UCLA campus, and I wondered how much it had to do with the torrential winter rains arriving, predicted to stay for a few days like a bad cold.

I had been looking forward to doing something new this weekend! A real film shoot!  Oh well, guess I’ll just  have to stay home and clean house. But hey, looking at the upcoming week, I also don’t have to lose my wonderful parking space. I only have to move it when the street sweepers come again next Friday, if I don’t add anything else to my schedule that involves actual driving. I love my two block walking commute for my tutorees!

Addendum: The movie shoot did take place, and an email and automated phone call updated me about it. But it didn’t come until 3:30 Saturday afternoon. To tell me it would take place on Sunday. I had other plans already for the day. Bummer. So much for being an extra on this film.

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