Blogroll Added

So I finally got around to putting a blogroll there on the side. Now, truth be told, very few are actually blogs, most are websites that may or may not get updated regularly.

But once I got started, I figured I would just put links to things that were of interest to me, whether a blog or a website. That way, I have one place to go to find out what’s happening, instead of having to save them all as favorites on my web-browser. I’m sure there are more to add, but that’s the quick version of places I go or would like to go on a regular basis.

Sites I used to be a link to, unfortunately, some have disappeared. Still looking for a former roommate’s collection of paintings for sale she posted online, and a former neighbor’s collection of paintings posted through some other site. No luck.

But, like the previous post suggested, these will certainly give some insight into things that would be of interest to discuss. Perhaps. Or why they are of no interest to anyone else but myself!

Happy surfing!

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