Teacher’s Pet

Well, the true joys of being a teacher were revealed today, twofold.

First, one of my students gave me a Valentine’s Day present. I got to choose between a Tootsie Roll or Smarties. I chose Smarties, one of my favorite childhood candies. She also gave me a little red lightweight medallion that stated “I Love You.” Ahh. Definite efforts to win points to be a teacher’s pet. I had helped her at her last session write a note to her teacher to go along with a Valentine’s Day present she already had. In first grade, she already knows how to brown nose. Good job! After giving me the gifts, she then proceeded to tell me the FULL story of how she got the candies, and basically she tells me she re-gifted them to me. I ask her if she has ever heard the word re-gifting, and she hasn’t, and I tell her what it means, and tell her that I have no problem with it, but some people do. I now understand the importance and value of giving a gift, and just leaving it as a gift with no explanation!

Valentine's Day Loot to Teacher Dearest

Valentine's Day Loot to Teacher Dearest

Second, I played the cruel trick of giving that follow the directions worksheet. You know the one. The one with a zillion different directions, but the only two important ones are the first saying please read all the directions before doing anything, and the last which states don’t do any of the previous directions. (Though actually that’s circular, so if you exclude the first direction of read through all the directions, what are you left with?)  And sure enough, the two students to whom I gave it, began working through the steps, doing exactly what they shouldn’t have, with me helping them, but only once they made the decision that was what they needed to do, no fellow students rustling papers to encourage them. Neither of them had done the exercise yet in school, so at least I have given them a head’s up that it may be coming. Because I certainly do remember that worksheet, and even the day I took it, back in third grade, and here it was in the approved resources I am allowed to use here in California for standardized skills, under the category of Following Directions under the sub-heading Comprehension.

So yes, I too can play mean teacher/student tricks, and I too can receive gifts from students. I guess this means I actually am a bona fide teacher if both of these have happened. And on the very same day! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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    ❤ !!!!!

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