Henry Rollins to Take to the Airwaves Again!

So today was major shopping day, and I was tootling about in my car (that I had to move today anyway because the street cleaners were coming!) when who should come on the air of my beloved KCRW‘s weekday morning show Morning Becomes Eclectic but Henry Rollins, to announce that he will be joining the djs at KCRW with his own show on Saturday nights from 6-8 pm. Returning, actually, since he once used to dj there years before. That alone is newsworthy, but the even better news is that his Saturday show will be available for the week following as a KCRW podcast, so those of you not in the Los Angeles area can too enjoy the voice, musical selections and commentary of Henry.

I love Henry. I have only attended one of his live shows, one of his spoken word tours, and have always enjoyed his stories and observations. I also used to catch his IFC show when I had access to cable and the best part I thought besides the interesting guests and live music, were his rants. I used to listen to his Harmony in My Head show on Indie 103.1, and like he said today, he is an Indie refugee, and has landed on his feet elsewhere, but still here in LA.

One of the things I love so much about Henry is his every-guyness. For one thing, he really doesn’t think he’s attractive (thus, in his believing he is not attractive, making himself attractive independently (and in addition) to his actual physical appearance). For another, he also is amazed that anyone thinks he’s famous or noteworthy. I may never have paid attention to him when he was a member of Black Flag, but I do at least remember the Henry Rollins Band, because I remember Henry most vividly in that video for Liar.

It’s Henry’s neck that has always fascinated me. I can easily imagine him portraying a Cardassian on Star Trek DS9. And on the IFC show, I was always fascinated by Henry’s single gray patch of hair. Okay, so his appearance fascinates me. Good thing I just listen to him on the radio, so none of that distracts me.

I am just thrilled that I can continue to follow him as he globetrots and observes, and dredges into the depths of vinyl. Hopefully he will be bringing Engineer X, who also has such diverse taste in music. I get my weekly dose of Henry again, hooray!

Oh, and he happened to mention he would be performing at Coachella this year, too. On Saturday, April 18th, doing spoken word. I look forward to it, yet again.

And for those of you looking forward to Henry’s podcasts, the only bad news is that it doesn’t start until March 7th. Can you hold on until then?


One Response to “Henry Rollins to Take to the Airwaves Again!”

  1. gary Says:

    I WAS JUST WATCHING Liar the other day! man, sarah, you and me go waaaay back don’t we?

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