Tonight I go to see the Fish Circus. More on that next post, I suspect. boxViolet, whom I had been looking forward to seeing at their final February Tuesday night of residency at Mr. T’s Bowl, has apparently been pre-empted by a special Mardi Gras lineup. Oh well.

Happy Mardi Gras, one and all!

I have been celebrating Fat Tuesday in my own unique way by embracing my inner rebellious eight year old. Seeing as I was not a rebellious eight year old, that means I am really stretching my limits by eating only homemade brownies all day long. Take that! Oh, well, since I no longer live with my folks, and no roommates either, no one really notices or cares. Except me.

Perhaps it is the influence of the writing of Roald Dahl. You know, writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, The Witches, The BFG and many more, not all of which have been turned into films. I just finished reading Matilda. Perhaps that was where the thought of rebellion came from.

Reading children’s books at night is great fun. I can easily get through 3 or 4 complete children’s novels a night, and take the stack back to the library and get through another stack in a few days’ time. Feeling of accomplishment, “I read four books today,” etc., etc., in my dull, boring, trying not to spend any money on anything, sort of way. I wondered why I hadn’t read most of Mr. Dahl’s books, having been an avid reader as a child, and noticed that they had copyrights of the 1980s or so, when I had stopped reading the children’s books and had moved on to required readings, things like mouldering Herodotus and Thucydides, both of whom I remember placing under my pillow at college in the hopes I would absorb their writings through osmosis.

Note to self: really need to stop drinking coffee after 2 in the afternoon. The strong coffee I enjoy really does keep me up, heart racing and brain spinning even after lying down on the bed with the lights turned off. Oh well, turn the light back on, read another children’s book and look at that, it’s nearly 3 in the morning! Really no incentive to get up if still feeling tired, what’s another snooze…. Day’s half gone by the time I actually get out of bed. Then breakfast, shower, prepping for tutoring, and the day is definitely done by the end of the tutoring session. The setting sun agrees.

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