Space Issues

So I stumbled across this article, and I know it’s definitely one of those things where you have to see it in person to fully comprehend it, but still. It certainly gives one ideas.

I don’t live in nearly as small a space as this man does, I have a whole 100 square feet more than he, but I can’t imagine even my space divided into three bedrooms like his was originally. Someone added a bedroom to my space, in its last remodelling, and it totally interrupts the flow of the space. I have been dreaming of Murphy beds and flip down or fold out or roll out beds instead, but I haven’t quite come up with what the space can be when it isn’t in bedroom configuration. That, and the fact I will have to continually keep the space clear so the bed can be brought out is a scary proposition for a person who finds it difficult to throw things away.

But this man, an architect of course, is an inspiration. It is one thing to make a space beautiful when you have tons of it in an open loft, but to take a tiny space and make it feel spacious and functional is quite a feat.

I especially like his mentioning of the deterioration of the quality of life that is going on in Hong Kong with a lack of space. How it literally is leading people to kill to get more space (and peace and quiet, I would suspect). Makes one think about our possessions and how much do we really need filling up our space. (Well, that and our growing population.) How much is too much (stuff, space, people)? Conversely, how little is too little? Can one have too few possessions? That could be a fun game to play, the game of how few things one needs to really function in life. And not the “I just got out of college, don’t know how to cook and don’t need anything” kind of living, but a full life, able to entertain friends at your place, and not be constantly washing the one glass, plate and fork. Comfortable and full, but only what is necessary.

A good thing to strive towards, don’t you think?

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