A Perfect Day

Or, In Which I Celebrate a Birthday.

Well, I had postponed my Monday birthday to Thursday, since I had several things on my plate that had to get done that day, and could not be postponed. The beauty of celebrating one’s birthday by oneself is of course it can get postponed, so postponed it got. The other beautiful thing I learned a long time ago, was the fact that if I myself could not give myself the perfect day and birthday presents, who on earth do I expect will? Or to do better?

Today was filled with treats and the end of coveting (of at least a few things). I have about a two year covet list. I see something, covet it, drop hints about it if anyone is listening, and if it does not happen in the meantime, it gets placed on the I will fulfill for myself list.

So first was my mocha fix at the expensive but delicious Intelligentsia cafe in Silver Lake. Next was off to Studio City to fix my pierced nose ring (at the Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe with the pirate theme where I originally had it done, as it comes highly recommended and is just so fun to look at), for the ball had fallen out and so the ring has just been sitting in my nose but wouldn’t move, so I had suspected I needed my nose re-pierced. I was correct. Then right next door to get my hair washed, trimmed, and what the heck, let’s throw in some color too to hide those increasing grays. (Vanity, vanity, thy name is vanity.) Back to Silver Lake to actually buy my birthday present to myself, because the store had not been open when I left at 10 am. Ah, the store was open! I bought myself a nifty composter, designed especially for apartments, and able to compost dairy and meat, so it claims. Don’t really care about the meat part, and can’t say that I ever have any scrap dairy lying around, so completely useless to me, but hey! I could if I needed to.

Like I said, I had been coveting this item for a couple of years when I first saw it at the store Kelly Green. It comes with a special formulated thing kinda like kitty litter that you layer between your food that makes it non-smelly and super effective. So now I can get my window sill garden boxes going, now that I have a renewable compost source. Yay!

Then it was off to a birthday meal, at a restaurant — again, I had heard about it for more than a couple years, dropped hints that I wanted to go there when asked where I would like to eat, — and had yet to make it out there, to beautiful Eagle Rock. The name of the place is Auntie Em’s Kitchen, and finally I made it there. Part of the problem was I couldn’t remember how to get to Eagle Rock, I only ever end up there by accident. And I also didn’t have their address, but I wasn’t going to let a little thing like that be a problem. (I never have in the past.) Let’s try Eagle Rock Boulevard, the main drag, and see if it can be spotted somewhere along the way. Sure enough, I found it.

I had an egg salad sandwich, lentil vegetable soup and a fizzy drink. They are quite known for their desserts (and breakfasts, but it was too late in the day), and I ordered the grapefruit cream butter cake, picture below, and it was perfect. I really don’t like that much sweet, and so the grapefruit that I was hesitant about, was the perfect complement to sweet frosting and creamy butter. Yummm. I think I will have to find a recipe for that, since I can see that being a birthday cake option in the future. Really, I never have had a major sweet tooth, and birthday cakes for me growing up were frequently strawberry shortcake, angel food cake or cheesecake. Not usually white or chocolate cakes. Don’t know why.

Grapefruit Cream Butter Cake at Auntie Em's Kitchen

Grapefruit Cream Butter Cake at Auntie Em's Kitchen

Anyway, cake, present, new hair, it was time to take care of some business matters. Made a few phone calls, took care of some bidness, and off I decided to explore a little, see where Eagle Rock Boulevard could get me. I had the choice between Pasadena to the right or Glendale to the left once it intersected Colorado Boulevard. I chose Glendale, once I noticed it was the beginning of rush hour time. And followed this road and that, and here I was, in Atwater Village, and thus back to Silver Lake again, and drove myself home to park.

Because, I thought tonight was the big artwalk in downtown LA, and I wanted to know where I should head to partake. But in looking online, I discovered it is next Thursday. Oops! Well, I still have one other place I have been meaning to check out, and that is the Golden Gopher. It is the oldest bar in Los Angeles, or the oldest bar with a take out liquor license, (or the only bar in LA with a take out liquor license?) and is supposed to be quite the experience. And look, happy hour is good for another hour today, I shall see if I can catch it to truly end my birthday with a shot of good cheer!

Golden Gopher finally spotted

Golden Gopher finally spotted

So I got to soak in the atmosphere, but with it being just myself, the bartender and the security guard and this during happy hour, I just was not feeling the party vibe. There’s just only so much party I can generate by myself, alone. I stayed as long as I did nursing my drink because there was a movie on without sound I vaguely recognized. It turned out to be Singing in the Rain. By the time I left, others were finally arriving, but I wasn’t in the mood anymore. Yes, there was a dress code, and others were coveting my spot. I did not feel welcome. So it was off to my stand-by bar, since I was already downtown, off to Bar 107. It is a neighborhood dive bar, there are regulars, people go there to drink and laugh and watch sports, sometimes bring their dogs, and there is all sorts of kitschy stuff cluttering up the space. You can sit and brood at the bar, or read a book in a booth, and no one bothers you. I know this because I have done both. I am by no means a regular, but I feel welcome there, and it doesn’t matter what I wear, either. And the drinks are cheap, always a plus. I knew there was a reason I liked it there.
One drink there, leaving when the Blazers vs. Nuggets were finishing up their first quarter, (yay, Blazers fans!) and then I began wandering home, taking a different route to see what was new in downtown. There’s always something new. I took many photos, but having to hold a camera very still with no bracing for a while to get the exposure right does not lead to wonderful photos. Still, I was home by 10, and it had been a full and delicious day.

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2 Responses to “A Perfect Day”

  1. jeannette Says:

    Happy Belated Brithday! Didn’t you want to be with friends to celeberate it? Or, you’re not in that position now? I know Pasadena a little bit. I used to go with my hubby to the Ambassador Auditorium (on Green), close to downtown – and I would paint there during there during the church service. I was the only one who painted LOL. Now I go somewhere where they have several painters…have a good weekend

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    Friends would have been gladly included, but they work during the day! And then are tired at night. Have you ever painted over at Lake Shrine, in Pacific Palisades on Sunset? It is filled with flowers and beautiful landscaping and is so peaceful. It is great for inspiration!

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