A Walk Down Wilshire

I had business to attend to on Tuesday morning, and the sky was super blue, and I had the time, to take a walk. Down Wilshire, a famous (and long) boulevard. So walk I did, with camera in hand.

One thing I love about Wilshire are the buildings. So many from its past, crammed with the newer ones filling in the spaces.

Wilshire was an original main drag for LA, from downtown LA to the beach. It was the first one actually designed for cars. I read that the original buildings all had parking behind them, away from Wilshire, so as to better view the buildings while speeding by. This is especially noticeable in the mid-Wilshire, Miracle Mile area, but that’s not where I was. I was in the area that runs into Korea Town, coming from the east. My destination was actually at the beginnings of Korea Town, somewhere near Normandie, though I only had an address, and I thought it would be closer to Vermont.

And so many beautiful churches.

One of these days (okay, so actually a month of Sundays), I plan on attending services at a lot of these churches just so I can see the insides of them. I assume they will be spectacular.

Here are a few of these beautiful gems.






































LA Unified School District's Construction on the Site of the Former Ambassador Hotel

LA Unified School District's Construction on the Site of the Former Ambassador Hotel

And I stopped on my way to partake of some coffee, at a cafe that just so happened to be across the street from where the once grand Ambassador Hotel stood, and now the building of LAUSD’s Primary Center No. 1 is commencing. Sitting at the sidewalk table, afforded me an excellent view of the construction, something I am fond of doing. And shaded! Better than just standing on the sidewalk.

So churches and construction. And then, Loyola’s Law School library, housed in the former Bullock’s Department Store. Another beautiful building. Just like LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) has incorporated a former department store into its compound of buildings, Loyola has re-purposed the outstanding former Bullock’s.

former Bullock's Department Store, now Loyola Law School Library

former Bullock's Department Store, now Loyola Law School Library

And as I was staring with admiration at the building, one of my many ideas flitting through my brain came back to me.

I once read of a famous artist spending some Christmas season in a department store window, creating art by sitting there and typing. For the life of me, I can’t remember who it was, but someone you have heard of, and probably from the Surrealists, so in the 1920s or 30s. Anyway, it has always been a dream of mine to re-create that, sit in a window during the holiday shopping season, and type away, creating a finished product by the end of the year. With modern technology, I would even want to have it be interactive. I sit in the window, and what I type scrolls electronically in the window. Or maybe there is a mirror above me, like chefs have for cooking demonstrations. You can catch up what you missed by visiting the website where all that has been written is accessible. There would be a word count tally, a word erased tally, a page tally, etc, to see the progress made. I would love if you could actually see the writing, deleting and editing as it happens. You can direct the action of the writing by making suggestions to incorporate. It could be marvelously interactive. Maybe there could even be rotating writers, so the writing takes place 24/7. It could be a place that writers come to write, and so can know there is an audience they are writing to. No longer such a lonely, private profession.There would actually be a call to action, none of this when the mood strikes, but work on it because that is the job. And entertaining too. It could still turn out to be crap, but isn’t it fun to watch artists work, the process they go through? Know what they are listening to, if anything, what they are looking at that inspires them? There, you can see them, right there! In the window!

So I have been looking at shop windows to approach. My first thought was a favorite bookstore in Los Feliz, Skylight Books. I could expand it to be a promotion of sorts, using Final Draft software and a write a screenplay in a month book, and prove that anyone can write a screenplay with the proper tools. The next month take on a novel writing book, etc. But the windows at Skylight, are filled with promoting books, and is the favorite haunt of their bookstore cat, to bask in the sunlight for a snooze. I couldn’t disrupt that.

I found another great window space in downtown LA, obviously used to be home to an impressive window display, since it had the high built-in wooden platform for displays, wood panelling and had its own little door, making the display area a tiny little office. But then I found that building was actually a bar, and the entrance is in back, down an alley, and I couldn’t really see what connection a writer in their window could be drummed up, other than, “That’s interesting!”

But here, at the former Bullock’s, formerly a department store, now a learning institution, in a library, I can see the connection. And what beautiful window display areas! The best ones are covered up by banners promoting the school, but perhaps they can be moved. And it is on Wilshire! A major pedestrian and transportation thoroughfare. There is even a bus mall nearby, and a crosswalk right there. What better place to hang out while waiting for a bus, but watching a writer at work. And it is close to my house. I can see the tower of the building from the roof of my building, it is a local landmark, especially since it is lit at night.

Window Display Area in former Bullock's Wilshire

Window Display Area in former Bullock's Wilshire












Okay, so that’s my idea. So if anyone steals it, again, at least 1% of any profits from this idea be directed to me. I am full of fabulous ideas, but my largest impediment to incorporating them is how would that actually make any money? So if I merely offer my ideas as the product, maybe that can make money for me…. 🙂

Little did I know, on my morning/early afternoon stroll, that a mere 12 hours later I would be walking the same path, coming once again from the Normandie/Wilshire area. But more on that later….

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