A Night Out in LA (5) part 2

Since it was only a little after 10 pm, I hurried on to my next destination.

My Tuesday Night continued, Part 2: Fish Circus again

Thanks to myspace, I knew that Fish Circus was playing once more at R Bar. And having taken the Metro to get to Hollywood & Vine, I noticed that if I switched off the Red Line and got on the Purple Line, one stop more and I would be at Normandie and Wilshire, a couple blocks from where the R Bar is. I had no idea I could actually take a Metro line to my nearby bar. I always forget about the Purple Line, since all but two stops are the same as the Red Line. Though it might still be quicker to walk at night, since the waiting for the Metro is agony enough, since frequently there is no time table to refer to when the next train is. It’s an LA thing, to always be late, or not to show up at all for things, blaming the traffic or lack of parking, but to not have time schedules for those of us avoiding using a car, thus increasing the chances we too will be late, or at least wasting our time like everyone else? Whatever! We are definitely not equivalent to the cities in Europe, where if a train was late by a minute, the gathered boarding crowd would start to grumble. I have seen it. Later than a few minutes, and I would expect a riot in Europe, from the respectable business folk trying to make meetings on time.  But no one kicks up a fuss here in LA. We just tack on an additional half hour or hour to make sure we get to places on time. Or don’t predict when we will arrive.

The myspace notice had said they were doing a double set, starting early at 9:30 pm. Having watched them set up the last time, I suspected I could make it to their second set no problem, as I guessed they would start late.

I walked in, there was silence, and I asked, and sure enough, they hadn’t started the second set yet.

I had another reason to seek Fish Circus out, besides the fact I enjoyed them so much the first time. On my computer, there is a feature that scrolls randomly through all the photos I have saved on my hard drive and displays them as I play on my computer. One day, after seeing Fish Circus the last time, I noticed that the violinist sure looked like the guest member of another band I had snapped pictures of, Ninja Academy. And when I had seen Fish Circus set up last time, I had that feeling the violinist looked extremely familiar, but I couldn’t place from where at all.

Here was my chance. I saw him and asked.

“Did you perform with Ninja Academy when they performed at Spaceland recently?”

“Was that with the King Crimson band?”

The Great Deceivers? Yeah.”

“That was me.”

“I knew you looked familiar!”

 Dan, Sarah. Sarah, Dan. We shook hands.

“Do you recognize the drummer?” he asked.

No, I nodded, puzzled.

“No, you wouldn’t because they wear their ninja masks. Anyway, the drummer here is in Ninja Academy.”

Fascinating. The music world is a small place. The LA music scene is an especially small place.

Fish Circus played their second set, making it up as they went along. This was a smaller audience than last performance, but I think more appreciative. We did not talk during the performance, for one (a major pet peeve for me. Why go see a band and then talk through their show?) I saw at least one person dancing, and more than one of us swayed energetically to the beat. The singer was once again mesmerizing, especially her eyelashes. They were super long and fake, and white speckled, like white speckled bird feathers. I am fascinated by what she chooses to wear and how she presents herself.

Fish Circus at the R Bar March 10th

Fish Circus at the R Bar March 10th

And then, it too, was over. Time to walk home, back along the same route I walked earlier in the day, for the third time.

For a night out in LA, I did extremely well. Action packed, enjoyable, filled with sights and sounds that were exquisite and unique. Total cost? $2.50, and that was strictly for transportation. How awesome is that, in one of the nation’s more expensive cities? And isn’t the internet a marvelous thing, letting me know that these events were to be attended? Gotta love technology.

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