Henry Rollins – Again!

Oh My God! I am hyperventilating from excitement. Let me tell you why.

I was so thrilled the other day with an email I got from my local public broadcasting radio station, which so happens to also be the home of many DJs who also happen to be music supervisors on TV shows and movies. As in, their musical tastes have a wide range of influence, like it or not. And I am super excited because,

1) there is going to be a dance party featuring many of those djs, including HENRY ROLLINS, and 2) because the venue is within easy walking distance in a building I have been told used to be the place for many punk shows back in the day. A building that is not open to the public that often. I had wondered about that grand old building, when on my walks, so now I get to see inside it. And 3) I just bought my ticket, before the general public sale, because I support my local NPR station by being a member and members got in on the pre-sale today. OMG!

How thrilling!

Maybe I can finally meet Henry Rollins, tell him that I actually read books, not all of which are children’s books, that I love music, that I think he’s cool, that I think his passionate rants are sexy because it shows he cares and I honestly have no idea why he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and maybe we will hit it off and become an item. Maybe you will be hearing about us soon on the celebrity news. And I can even invite him back to my place, because it is just on the other side of MacArthur Park from the venue, no driving involved. How convenient is that for ease of seduction?…. What to wear, what to wear…. 

Hey, I can dream! ‘Til proven otherwise, I can dream any little fantasy I want….

Regardless, I expect to have a fun time, dancing to a bunch of djs I enjoy, all on the weekend before Coachella, to get my dance groove on!

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3 Responses to “Henry Rollins – Again!”

  1. gary Says:

    HENRY ROCKS alright. Like his rant against Ann Coulter and the one to Laura Bush????? In one of those he’s sitting in the bathtub, right?

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    Wouldn’t put it past him. I think it must be the Ann Coulter one, because I think I remember the Laura Bush one. Or the one he writes while being groomed at a spa. He’s gotten more creative in his letter-ranting settings, it used to just be him on his laptop in his office.

  3. Carol Elaine Says:

    CuteFilmNerd met him last week when CFN was the Cinemateque photographer for an event at the Egyptian and confirms that he indeed rocks. He’s even got photos!

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