Awake and with Earworms


I am awake at 5:55 am. Wide awake. Don’t know why. Might as well get my day started.

I had to return some library books before the library opens, and the sun is just starting to peek out, so I go for a wander, looking at houses and storefronts and my neighbors who were up too.

And these are the two songs I find stuck in my head, going round and round, just as they were yesterday. Why should intervening downtime sleep interfere with the perpetual jukebox in my head?

And while walking, I start repeating numbers in my head too, a constant refrain. I can’t repeat the numbers, as one is my bank account number, another is my parent’s home phone number, and the third is my mortgage payment amount. These numbers are usually triggered by a certain time, such as I start repeating my mortgage payment around the time I need to pay it. I have my parents’ number usually run into my head when I have the urge to give them a call (as in, the number starts repeating in my head before I even have the concious thought to call them, then I identify the number and realize I am telling myself (through numbers) to call them). And my bank account number? Frequently that’s me telling myself to check that some payment has gone through, make sure all is going swimmingly.

The weirdest part? I did all that yesterday, and yet those numbers are still running through my head today. What is that reminding me to do? And what does one call a stream of running numbers in one’s head, if music repeating is an earworm?

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One Response to “Awake and with Earworms”

  1. gary Says:

    ???? huh!
    I dreamt of Laura Ophardt from middle school last night, where’d that come from?

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