Feral Children Found

Remember that post a while back, where I merely posted a picture of graffiti I found in Austin, TX while at Austin City Limits last year?

Here it is to refresh your memory.

Turns out they are a band. I found them accidentally because they showed up as friends of a Missoula band that would like to be friends with me on myspace. The band Feral Children is from Seattle. The Feral Children are from Seattle? Apparently the band was having myspace issues, which is why they now have two websites. Since myspace is acting wonky for me of late too (my computer is less than a year old, and yet I can’t seem to get the songs to play! What’s up with that?), I fortunately found a video of them. Thank you youtube.

I especially love the idea of a businessman shooting ballpoint arrows of disapproval. Applied to a business setting, that could lead to some extra effort put into presentations at business meetings. Just a thought.

And when myspace finally cooperated, and I found the more recently active myspace account, finding they have a song about a jaundiced giraffe, well, how can you not love such a band? And two drummers, one standing, one sitting? Again, how can you not fall in love with the sound?


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