Word on the Street: Coachella!

Los Angeles is abuzz with Coachella news.

Tonight is Fauxchella. This reminds me of when Portland used to have NXNW, and there grew to be an anti-NXNW contingent, so bands not selected would perform outside the venues, in the hopes of showing visitors REAL Northwest bands, not part of the corporate machine, not part of the “sound” the organizers were going for. Permits not obtained, security guards or maybe police having to be called upon occassion, I always wondered if that was in part why NXNW and NXNE (Toronto) disappeared, and the parent company operating SXSW decided to focus its energies in staying put in Texas. Maybe there were less guerrilla musicians in Austin.

But here in LA, things are a little more accomodating. Because Coachella isn’t until next week, Fauxchella does not interfere with party and music listening plans. I just noticed the venue changed, and the headlining band cancelled. Bummer. It was originally taking place on top of the building that houses Crazy Gideon’s, over in the Arts District of downtown LA. Doors are officially open as I type this. I just love the poster art on the website, with all sorts of fictional people attending. And a cut out you-go-here prominently in the middle.

Date: Apr 10, 2009 12:48 PM
Subject: TONIGHT!!!
Body: Lets make this happen.
April 10, 2009

DOORS @ 6pm

Hangar 1018
1018 So. Santa Fe Ave.
LA 90021

Just north of the 10 freeway from the Santa Fe exit. $10 gets you in the door. YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE! There will be grilled cheese sandwiches and carne asada tacos, for the midst of your drunkness.

6:20-6:45 – inside – Wonder Wheel
7:00-7:25 – inside – Pulse Out
7:35-8:00 – outside – Haunted Tiger
8:10-8:35 – inside – Cobalt Cranes
8:50-9:15 – outside – LSD
9:30-9:55 – inside – Bastidas
10:10-10:40 – outside – Myonics
10:55-11:25 – inside – Globes on Remote
11:40-12:15 – inside – Allah Las
12:35-1:15 – inside – Blue Jungle

Bands! DJ Heather Gram! Fauxchella Fauxtobooth! Tacos! Grilled cheese sandwiches! Art! Loads of people! Water! Other shit!

Coachella has now posted the set list for the DJ dance tent, The Dome, not to be confused with the other, bigger, DJ dance tent at the end of the festival grounds known as the Sahara. (In keeping with Coachella’s desert setting, the three smaller stages are covered by tents, and the tents are named after famous deserts. How cute!)  This set list was never posted any place useful that I found last year, there was merely a sign at The Dome saying who was playing that day each day. Not helpful when choosing where and when to go, with five other stages to visit. Same thing happened at All Points West last year, organized by the same people. Go figure!

In looking at the set list, the Coachella folk have given incentive to use their camping option. Late night dancing, only available to the camping folk. Now me, I really don’t mind camping. But don’t let Coachella promoters fool you. This is not real camping. Even state parks allow more than Coachella does. There is no cooking allowed, since no propane, gas, charcoal or open flames are allowed and, this is perhaps the killer for most people choosing to camp right next to the venue, not having to move their cars for the entire weekend, and nothing to do but enjoy the festival, there is no alcohol allowed. Like I say, even state parks aren’t so ignorant as to not allow these things to take place! The family vacation to a state park without alcohol and grilling just wouldn’t happen! So much for encouraging people to try and be responsible in their drinking. Oh, and there is no overnight parking. But the parking is free. 

In addition, the lockers available for rental are now available for renting on line. I am considering it. What I need to lug around with me to make me comfortable from full on sun all day long to chilly nights (merely because the sun has gone down and I am usually a little sunburnt despite my best efforts with sunscreen and large brimmed hat) gets kind of heavy as the day goes on. Having a locker would be nice.

So I read the contract. I find it rather amusing. Since it is bothering to limit liability for all these awful scenarios, does that mean all those scenarios have taken place that they need to be forewarning potential customers? Or, were they just thinking worst case scenario? I especially love the possible loss of job as a result of having lost contents of said locker. Huh? What with their making a very big deal about there will only be one key per locker given out, and sharing is not encouraged (however, when I inquired about them last year, every day they were full up on the rentals, so sharing was the only possible option left (hopefully they will realize they need more lockers this year!)) does that imply that someone lost something that got them fired and they sued everyone they could think of rather than take responsibility for having lost something they shouldn’t have left in a locker? Just makes one wonder.

That’s it from the word on the street. That’s the information superhighway, in case you were wondering what street I was referring to. Let’s just call it Highway 1. Because there is no other, in cyberspace. Right? I mean, there are those pesky side streets, but most of them are paved with spam, rather than gold.

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3 Responses to “Word on the Street: Coachella!”

  1. gary Says:

    yes, but all that music and tacos too?

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    Exactly. And there have been tacos but no grilled cheese sandwiches at Coachella previous years. Maybe this year…

  3. redroomsalon Says:

    And why is wordpress always 7 hours ahead of the time zone I am in? Honestly, I do not post in the middle of the night like it always looks like I am!

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