Modest Mouse

They’re goofy.

Their music is discordant.

The band is listed as being from Issaquah, Washington, a town I actually know, because my grandparents retired there from Seattle. It is a sleepy burb, usually shrouded in mist, chill and damp, rising from the everpresent evergreens and the low flying drizzle clouds. No wonder the boys started playing music; it kept you indoors and warm.

I like their videos. I like their music. I like their creative juices.

Who else sings about Wild Packs of Family Dogs?

Who else does fake, mock interviews for no apparent reason?

And what creative, beautiful videos, says me who only has had MTV a few times in my life… Flying sheep, swimming sheep? Makes me recall that Monty Python character saying there’s nothing more dangerous than an intelligent sheep….

It was this song that made me fall in love with them, the first time I saw them live, in a little place called the House of Blues – Anaheim.

What a sense of humor! Come on, doesn’t it make you laugh? C’mon, a message saying hell froze over and God saying better get a sweater?

Anyway, listed as playing at Outside Lands Fest in SF? Count me in! Any music festival missing Modest Mouse always makes me sad…. Because usually, there’s some fan wearing their T-shirts, even if they aren’t playing, there to remind me they aren’t there.

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