No Coachella?

For those still in Los Angeles, and not out at Coachella, there are still plenty of interesting things to be doing. Or, since it is currently 50 degrees both here in LA and out in the Coachella Valley, for those who decide it just isn’t warm enough to go to the desert, and they’d rather be warm at home, there are some indoor things to do.

The Semi-Annual Brewery ArtWalk: The Brewery is an artist’s community of several hundred working artists all living together, in what used to be an actual working brewery, and twice a year they throw their studio loft/living spaces open and let the public see what they are up to. Not only do I see great art, but I get great ideas for how to better multi-utilize small space and make it feel open and welcoming. Or I get jealous of the ones with the huge loft spaces, the high ceilings and all you can do with that. It’s happening again this weekend, is free and there are more artists to see in one compact area, than there are at the monthly downtown gallery walk. I wish I could go….

Kissing Cousins: playing at Pehrspace, an art gallery/performance space in Filipinotown/Echo Park. I didn’t actually get to catch them on a recent bill, but they sound interesting, and it fits in with the emphasis on art these recommendations seem to be following.

Well, the next obvious place to check is another art gallery/performance space, and that is Echo Curio, who has multiple bands playing every night that Coachella is taking place. Their line ups and nights are most clear on their myspace page, pick a night, any night and have a good time.

So yes, the world of Los Angeles music does continue during the weekend of Coachella, despite everyone else claiming that they will be two hours to the east, out near Palm Springs. Don’t believe them. Someone goes to these shows in LA, I know they do, because I too used to be oblivious to Coachella, and LA never seemed any different to me, despite the 10s of thousands of people elsewhere. Maybe traffic was just a wee bit lighter in town, but maybe not.

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