Twitter redux

So I did it.

It’s strictly for research, I tell myself.

I got a twitter account. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. I have posted no tweets, I put no picture up, I posted no information about me whatsoever, and already I have 7 followers.

So then I decided, well, since WordPress has a twitter interface, I should just start a twitter account that follows all the things I talk about on the blog. So I started hunting various companies and festivals and musicians down. And at a certain point, twitter told me enough! I could do no more searching. Fine. Good thing I now have two accounts!

I found out that Trent Reznor is a major geekboy, in the good way, and has concerns because the next NIN concert (on May 8th) happens to be the opening night of Star Trek (The Early Years) movie and he’d rather go to that. (Calling J.J. Abrams’ assistant: work with poor Trent on this. Perhaps a private showing later that night where he’s playing (West Palm Beach, FL.) would be in order? Or before the show, so he can mention it in passing from the stage? Good publicity equals good ticket sales, I need not remind you.) I found one of my favorite bands here in LA twitters, while my other favorite band here doesn’t. The kind of tweets I want to know are — “First band running late, no one has taken stage yet, if you won’t make it until 10, you’re still gonna hear all the bands!” I mean, if it’s all about the play by play moment by moment, isn’t that what fans want to know? Especially since Angelenos are chronically late, (or as often in my case, double or triple booked) knowing it’s still worth the drive would be great to know. But that’s okay, some of the venues they would be playing at have accounts, maybe they could post that useful info.

I don’t intend to do much with this. I want to follow those I have heard good things about, the ones who put out good tweets. See what they are saying. And is it all just self promotion and nothing more? If you aren’t a celeb, does anybody care? If you don’t have much of an online presence, does anyone bother? The 7 followers I have have much to do with who I chose to follow; they are either them themselves, or related somehow. Since music festivals are what interest me, concert venues nearby or other festivals were interested in me. Now, since that was all in response to yesterday’s creation of a twitter account,  which I am now deciding will be my personal account, I am waiting to see if the same festivals I chose to follow on the blog appropriate twitter account opened today get the same responses. (The answer: some yes, others no. Random.)

Because, it’s all research, baby. If I am trying to promote others, shouldn’t I see first how others promote themselves?

And secretly, for all these festivals I will be attending, I feel as though if they have a twitter stream, that if I am on the loop on that, perhaps I will find out extra special things sooner at the festivals. Maybe. I just want to be in the know before everyone else, ya know?

And then, there are articles like this one, that give me hope that twitter may actually have more use than the obvious self-promotion of minutae it is currently.

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