Coachella Live – with Migraine!

Friday, April 17, 2009: Reporting to you live, from Coachella, out here in Indio, California. Made it out here, only to realize that I did what I did once before: I forgot to bring the tickets. Oops!

These days, what with electronic everything, are hard copies of tickets really necessary? Really, they just want proof I am who I say I am, and the means to confirm I paid for it once before already. ID and credit card, that’s all anyone needs these days. And when the chips are implanted in us, to prevent identity theft, then all we have to do is step through the scanners ourselves. Identity theft will have a whole new  meaning when our bodies are what get scanned.

Meanwhile, back in reality, having done forgotten tickets before, I knew what needed to be done: I needed to talk to Ticketmaster and get the old tickets cancelled, have new tickets re-issued. Good thing I knew this and wasn’t stressed about it. Good thing I also came out a day early.

Fumiko, who I drove to Bonnaroo with last year, and back again, flew in again from Japan for Coachella. She flew in Tuesday, and managed to snag a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen performing in LA Wednesday night. And we drove out to the Coachella Valley on Thursday, arriving shortly after one of our fellow roommates. Two more roommates expected, and the party was complete by 8 pm. Fumiko, like me with a back up plan to her back up plan, had camping tickets, and decided she would check it out and decide where she wanted to stay. If it got too cold, she could always get a taxi back to where we are at the resort. So off to the festival site, and lookey here, a ticketmaster person to talk to! Unlike the one I spoke with on the phone, who could not find my order, and had trouble even finding the event for the weekend it was actually taking place, this gentleman easily replaced my ticket(s) within five minutes. Unlike the time it had happened before, when I had to come back each day to get a re-issued ticket, this was a breeze and taken care of before the event even started. Fumiko dropped off at the camping check-in line, with my tent and sleeping bag, saving her the effort of buying brand new ones for just the weekend,  and the groceries we had stopped and gotten for each of us, I drove off into the cooling night, the temperatures getting just comfortable enough to be driving with the windows of the car open, the deepening dusk making it all dark and pleasant. O, if only the temperatures could remain so nice and cool all weekend long!

I got back, just in time to meet the other roommates leaving for dinner in Palm Springs, and had the place to myself to fix my dinner and watch some TV. Old Northern Exposure episodes! That was a great show. Now being shown on a public broadcasting station. Interesting. I too could get all five seasons on DVD by pledging a mere $275.

And then the weather forecast came on. Possible triple digits come Sunday. 80s for Friday, 90s for Saturday and then there’s that Sunday. But it was so nice and chilly on Thursday! So pleasant. I had been looking forward to a cooler, kinder Coachella Festival, what with it being moved up two whole weeks on the calendar, but it is not looking good.

Tired, full tummy, relaxed, I went to bed, looking through all my songs on iTunes to see what artists I already have in my collection. About 1 in 8. Maybe. My collection of dance musicians is woefully inadequate, but I never know who I like, as usually I hear them places I don’t find out who the music is by.

Friday, and woke up with a migraine. Wow, this is awesome. I had one a few Coachella Festivals ago, the night Rage Against the Machine performed, and I had promised myself to stay for a few songs, but had to run for my car, the lights, the noises, the lights, the lights, my brain throbbed, and I cried driving back to the resort, wanting so badly to close both my eyes and unable to in order to drive to get where it was dark and quiet. I alternated which eye I kept open. And those police cars with their lights flashing at the corner of every major intersection in Indio to direct traffic? So not helping….

So. Migraine. Music Festival. What to do? My migraines are usually only bad one day, lingering a bit for another day, but manageable. Food, full stomach. Liquids, water, liquids. More water. It is now high noon, not the heat of the day, but will be soon. The migraine is there, but quietly biding its time. Waiting for its trigger. Migraine medicine consumed, and it is doing nothing for me, the next step in escalation for possible eradication? Coffee. Migraine medicine is simply caffeine, just need more caffeine. So off to Starbucks we go….

And so I can check my email, post this, check my other email, etc., etc., Et Cetera! Because I couldn’t possibly not write. Pictures and reviews to come tomorrow!

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