Further Notes of Wisdom

Note to self:

Make sure to bring the ticket for the day that you are going to the festival with you, and don’t leave it in the hotel room, because you are merely going to have to turn around and get it again. Ticketmaster’s policy is to not re-issue re-issued tickets.

And remember, just because you got in a parking lot, does not mean that you can get back out again the same way you came in. They may have closed the gate, meaning it is full.

But fortunately for me, after retrieving my ticket, I ended up back in the same parking lot as the night before, and knew exactly how to get back quickly from there. I was back home from time of leaving venue to home, in 45 minutes. That includes walking to one of the far lots, through other lots to get there quickly.

Now despite all these misfortunes, I have to say I haven’t been viewing any of it as misfortune. My general attititude towards arriving at festivals is I will get there when I get there. I may want to be there for someone, but I can not predict traffic, parking, walking times, security, any of that, so it is best to not get upset if I screw up.

And, all these things I am learning are merely knowledge I can pass on to others of what definitely could lead to a bad experience.

When I got back to the hotel, my roommates were still puttering. It was 4:30. and they hadn’t left yet. When I got back for the evening, I discovered one of my roommates had never made it out, in fact he had just woken up. Fortunately, he hadn’t really wanted to see many of that day’s bands, and the one band he had, I showed him some footage I had taken, so he felt somewhat like he had been there.

No, none of this has been negative. So the day was shorter than planned yesterday. It meant my sun exposure was less, and I wasn’t as tired.

Today, I am trying to make up for it, and get an early start. The first act I want to see takes the stage at 12:45, so I better get a move on. Mexican Institute of Sound, they sound really fun and energetic from what I have heard. What a great way to start the day!

Highlights of yesterday: Gang Gang Dance, Turbonegro, Junior Boys, Fleet Foxes, Thievery Corporation.

Highlights of Friday: Beirut, The Presets, Bajofondo, uh, some other bands that I am blanking on, and Paul McCartney is a stud. At 60+, he has more energy than most people I know, and makes it look so easy, so effortless.

More to follow…..

Junior Boys

Junior Boys



Casually Ignoring the Chemical Brothers

Casually Ignoring the Chemical Brothers

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