Just Little Bits

Yes, I am back from Coachella.

Yes, I have more to say about it. And will, sometime in the future. But I have many hours of uploading video onto YouTube and figuring out how to edit it before that happens.

So in the meantime, I have the following to mention for this weekend:

Since the Coachella music fest moved up two weeks on the calendar, for once in the past few years I can actually go to Los Angeles Times Festival of Books over at the UCLA campus.  I have been to it before, and it really is a fabulous event. It is a wonder to see so many famous writers and novelists all in one place, and various vendors related to the book trade (or not!) exhibiting in one space. Although a free event, parking is expensive at $9, so public transit is strongly encouraged. The Wilshire Metro bus will get you down the street from UCLA’s front entrance and in the heart of Westwood. Then a shuttle bus will get you in. And the complicated part, the part really worth attending for, are the panels and speakers. Always wanted to see some of the greats of science fiction? Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg, Harry Harrison and Joe Haldeman will all be speaking on Saturday in the Ackerman Grand Ballroom. And Kate DiCamillo, author of children’s books Because of Winn-Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux and The Tiger Rising, all of which I have read as a result of my tutoring gig, will be speaking that same day in Moore 100. These wonderful free lectures of numerous authors, poets and published commentators are what make this book event so special, more than just a book exhibit hall. However, you need tickets to get to see these actual events. That’s the tricky part, and takes planning. If this is last minute, chances are great that who you want to see has already “sold out.” Better luck next time. But, if your interests are for someone a little less well known, chances are better you still have time to get a ticket and enjoy their presentation.

Also, LA Weekly, the local alternative newspaper, is sponsoring an event called LA Weekly LA Weekend. Now free, it will offer various djs, musicians, movies and events taking place at the (Ricardo) Montalban Theater in Hollywood. Including Henry Rollins doing a dj set tonight. I am not a Henry stalker. Honest. He just keeps showing up at the cool things I go to, thus proving he’s pretty awesome and cool himself. Or that I am? Again, public transit will handily get you there, on the Metro Red Line to the Hollywood & Vine stop.

She Wants Revenge is playing tonight. I just noticed this. Not posted on their official website, but posted on their myspace account and in the LA Weekly postings. Of course, now I can’t find where I saw it, but remembered that it was at a venue named 740 in downtown. So here it is. Ah, at the former Globe Theatre. That’s where I have seen lines to get into the place, through the back alley entrance. That’s what’s up there. And free admittance before 10:30 pm. Good to know. Of course, in the time it took me to do all this finding, the online ticket sales went off, as of 4 pm, and tickets are now only available at the venue box office. Despite the venue saying tickets were available via Ticketmaster, I couldn’t find them listed there, and only at Wantickets.com. Maybe this was all just last minute scheduled, that’s why it’s seeming so spotty. I just was curious to know how much the tickets are, that’s all I wanted to know.

And finally, an event I know of, at a venue I went looking for in a previous post, only to find I was searching in the wrong part of the city, MONGRELS, a dance performance at the Unknown Theatre. In its final week of performances, tonight, Saturday and Sunday are all that remain of the Samantha Giron Dance Project‘s collaboration between original electronic music compositions and modern dance. Come on out and support Modern Dance! When was the last time you had the chance?

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