Coachella – Last Words

So, due to the forgotten ticket on Saturday of the fest, I was well on time and parked and at the gates to see Henry Rollins’ spoken word set, but had to turn around and get the ticket again, finding it sitting on my dresser, just where I had left it. And I was back in time, just for it to be over.

But thanks to youtube, I was able to catch most of it, in its short 45 minute glory.

Henry Rollins Part 1:

Henry Rollins Part 2:

Henry Rollins Part 3:

Henry Rollins Part 4:

As close as you and I will be there…

So, missed the highlight of my Saturday. Oh well. Like I said before, I only had myself to blame for my mishaps, I could still enjoy the rest of my day. Thank goodness his was a popular item to tape.

So on Sunday, there was Shepard Faireyscheduled in the Sahara tent. I didn’t really know what to expect, but he came out to do a dj set. However, there were technical difficulties, and he had to fill the time somehow. Apologies for the video, I wasn’t expecting to record it, so had to get up from sitting on the ground. So first he was talking about a friend of his, Shawn Mortensen, who recently committed suicide that he was dedicating his set to, and then due to the technical problems, gave out free somethings to some interesting feedback,

and then he moved into an impromptu Q&A, after someone announced it was their birthday and Shepard was acknowledging how everyone has one of those, yay!

Basically, the simple message that both Henry Rollins and Shepard Fairey had to say were think for yourself, and do your own investigating of the truth, and don’t be afraid to express it, in whatever way you feel. Express your freedom of speech. And both of them credited listening to punk music as the catalyst that got them started. So YES! to the power of music!

What’s funny, is that before the iconic Obama poster, I actually had gone to see Shepard Fairey’s work at a gallery on La Brea a couple years back, and had thought then, oh! this is the guy that does Andre the Giant has a Posse and those Obey signs all over the place. Whether he actually puts them up or others do, using his images, he certainly has gotten his images out in the public eye. Fast forward to now, and the whole world is familiar with his images now. Talk about not being afraid to express oneself.

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2 Responses to “Coachella – Last Words”

  1. gary Says:

    oh CRAP!

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    About me forgetting my ticket (again!) or what they had to say about thinking for themselves?
    I’m thinking the former.
    I hope.

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