Other Important Weekend Events

How could I forget? I knew there was other excitements about the city.

Grilled Cheese Invitational! Yes, I know it is sponsored by Kraft, one of the evil corporate giants of America, but it’s grilled cheese. (I know, those of you trying to nudge me over to veganism, this is the one reason I haven’t tipped over the edge yet. Cheese. Not ice cream, I actually like Rice Dream, and not milk, as I prefer Almond Milk and gave up drinking milk back in high school, but cheese. Mmmm, cheeeeeese.) C’mon, at least the people putting this together understand, as the email address is to hotcheeseygoodness?

And a Swimming Pool opening in Santa Monica. Designed by the same architect as the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, this pool was part of a much larger compound on the Santa Monica beach created for William Randolph Hearst for his mistress Marion Davies and her family. The pool and guest house are all that remain now, and have been renovated and re-designed to be a public swimming and family sport  and community area, majorly funded by the Annenberg Foundation. The opening ceremony on Saturday will feature a “First Splash performance by “O™” from Cirque du Soleil at 11.” Check out the website for more details of the day’s events.

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