Looking for a Job Again

Well, it is about that time.

I just did the quick estimation of my finances, and my savings are starting to get in that dangerous zone of maybe I should do something about increasing my income flow. Maybe. Especially since the tutoring gig is now ended, so there is no actual income flow at all going on, other than my recouping of expenses with the Coachella sub-letting. So yeah, no actual income.

Anyway, I did a blitz on all Starbucks in downtown LA, as really, a 20 minute walk to downtown would be a pleasant commute, and found there to be 19 of them in what is considered downtown. Many were located in bank and business towers, that I had no idea what was inside them before. So I got to see the inner beauty of the downtown office towers. Really, a quite pleasant expedition. And additionally, who knew there were so many Starbucks hidden from sight? Only one location told me they were closing down, come August, and that was the one most difficult to find and get to, and near two others in a one block radius, so really, where’s the loss in that?

A Hidden Garden Space, Below Street Level

A Hidden Garden Space, Below Street Level

And of the 17 I dropped applications to that day, Thursday, only 4 told me that there was a hiring fair for the downtown district going on come Saturday. Did none of the others know about it? And, FYI, Starbucks keeps applications dropped off for an entire year.

Water Gardens at California Plaza in Bunker Hill

Water Gardens at California Plaza in Bunker Hill

So off I went to the job fair on Saturday, held at one of the more recently opened Starbucks of downtown. More spacious and modern feeling, it is an anchor tenant in a residential building that is still showing units. I was actually surprised at how few people were at the event. I did not show up at the starting time, but half way through, only because I was running late. I also did not want to look desperate by showing up too early.

The interview was short, but that might have had something to do with once I mentioned I used to work for Starbucks, my interviewers just asked was I familiar with policies? I answered with a “Yes, I assume the nose ring would need to be removed,” and they nodded and asked “Would there be a problem with that?” and I replied “Of course not,” with a slightly sinking heart. I mentioned that I had just dropped off 17 applications on Thursday, so they would probably be seeing my application from more than one source. One interviewer said, well, that certainly shows persistence, and that if I didn’t hear back from this round of hiring, to just keep applying. (But don’t all of them keep the applications for a year? Wouldn’t that be horribly redundant?) I then asked about the closing of locations, like Starbucks had announced last year that 600 locations would be closing. Oh, they replied. That’s Corporate.  I mentioned the one that I already knew was closing, and only one of the interviewers even knew that. The one that did know told me that the closures and openings of new stores were unrelated. The original announcement was valid, and was closing under-performing stores, not that Starbucks wasn’t healthy and growing. Ahh. This explained why it had seemed odd to see stores opening and none closing like they had announced. But now that I know there are so many more hidden in office buildings away from eyes, it probably will mostly go unnoticed.

The Spacious Starbucks of LA Live

The Spacious Starbucks of LA Live

I then wandered off to the new Starbucks over on the backside of LA Live, the one I saw jam packed the night I was down there for Earth Hour Lights Off, and continued to sip on my coffee drink, read the newspaper, drop off my remaining application and eventually change my shoes for the walk back home.

Phew! Call backs of interest will take place by Wednesday, from the actual hiring managers of stores hiring. I await the ringing phone. I was super excited to find the Little Tokyo had hours starting at 4 am and closing at midnight. If I could get the morning shift (usually not the most popular) there, I could still have a daytime office job in addition, my original plan to most easily build my savings back.

In the meantime, I am reading up on Powerpoint and blogging tips, for a presentation I will be doing at a conference mid-May, and trying hard to implement the techniques suggested. And finding I have plenty more I could learn and implement!

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