Speaking of Cars…

This LA Times article showed up recently about electric car leases available for one year on electric Mini Coopers.

I would be tempted to partake except for

1) the $850 a month price tag,

2) the need to plug in to recharge the battery, and

3) the lease will only be for one year, and then BMW plans to use the data to create a new car.

BMW (who makes the Mini Cooper these days) has no intention of having an electric Mini Cooper on the open market, according to this story.

I surely cannot be the only person who is not in a situation to plug in a car on a nightly basis. I would love to see statistics on how much of the car driving/owning population of the world has a garage of their own, that is actually wired for electricity.

I have lived in more than one house that did not have a garage. I have lived in more than one house that had a garage but had no electricity in it. Let’s not even mention the apartments I have rented that did not provide parking. Or the ones that did, but not with an outlet near by. And these days, I am a home owner, but might as well be considered a renter, with no parking provided.

Come on car manufacturers! Most of the world does not live in single family residences with garages. If electric car sales end up being disappointing, take that into consideration! Until the infrastructure for electric vehicle recharging in urban centers is available to anyone and everyone, you will have a fairly limited pool of potential buyers. And they might not all be concerned about the environment.

Just my two cents.

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    Thanks for the info!

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