Today’s Tour 5-19-09

Okay, I guess using the large photo setting is not quite right. But that photo of the Golden Gate Bridge was impressive, was it not?

Today, I went south from Fort Bragg, because I had missed the one stop light for Mendocino. My hostess said, don’t blink, it’s tiny. So I went and drove the main drag. Every photo I took around Mendocino had a bird in it. In the language of tarot or something, aren’t birds indicative of travel? Something new? Something like that…



As already mentioned in the twitter feed, my glockenspiel chimes randomly as I drive, with bumps or gear shifts. So I have the sweet chime of glockenspiel, or faeries, as I like to imagine them, and the car has filled with them. What is a large grouping of faeries, anyway? A clutch of faeries? A parliament, like owls? I like to think a mischief of them. A mischief of faeries. By now, I definitely have a mischief of faeries in the car, if the glockenspiel chime gives one its faerie dust each time (like a bell ringing gives angels their wings…) I hope they are able to get out successfully. Who knows what mischief they could get up to in the very small confines of my car!

Back north through Fort Bragg and up the 101 to the turn off in Crescent City. Lots of turns and twists and up and down…. I seriously felt dizzy after a while. Fortunately the road straightens and widens at times, giving you a breather to find the horizon again.

Running low on gas, I turned off at Rio Dell and wandered into Scotia next door, looking for a better gas price than the one gas station had. Have no idea what the industrial buildings behind the pretty facade of Scotia were, but this photo for me epitomizes American’s blindness about energy consumption. As we blithely consume energy in our houses, behind in the backyard is the huge machinery and contraptions that make it happen, and if it gets too noisy, just close the blinds on the back windows, we don’t need to look…

The Menacing Machinations behind the Facade

The Menacing Machinations behind the Facade








Onward to Eureka, where I knew where the Costco cheap gas (20 cents cheaper per gallon than the previous stop!) and the health food store were from a previous visit. I like Eureka. Have thought it would be a cute place, and small enough, that my parents and myself could actually be happy there, not too big but also not too boring. Hey, with two multi-plex theatres, that alone would be an improvement of just movie choices over where they presently live! And there’s a health food store, making me happy, and my mother, with her food allergies, for her food choices. And they’ve developed the waterfront and given it a board walk, and it’s just obviously trying hard and getting a bunch of things right.

Past the Tree of Mystery. (It was closed. What, no mystery after 4 pm?) Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox stand guard. Paul Bunyan stands so proudly in front of the fence of tree stumps, his handiwork with his ax, evidently. And Babe? A boy. I actually had to look ox up on to see if that should have been surprising to me or not. And yes, and no. Ox can be used to refer to both male and female animals, but in the context of the Paul Bunyan story, it should have been obvious to me that Babe was male.

Babe the Blue Ox

Babe the Blue Ox


Ox\ ([o^]ks), n.; pl. Oxen. [AS. oxa; akin to D. os. G. ochs, ochse, OHG. ohso, Icel. oxi, Sw. & Dan. oxe, Goth. a[‘u]hsa, Skr. ukshan ox, bull; cf. Skr. uksh to sprinkle. [root]214. Cf. Humid, Aurochs.] (Zo[“o]l.) The male of bovine quadrupeds, especially the domestic animal when castrated and grown to its full size, or nearly so. The word is also applied, as a general name, to any species of bovine animals, male and female.


All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field. –Ps. viii. 7.


Note: The castrated male is called a steer until it attains its full growth, and then, an ox; but if castrated somewhat late in life, it is called a stag. The male, not castrated, is called a bull. These distinctions are well established in regard to domestic animals of this genus. When wild animals of this kind are spoken of, ox is often applied both to the male and the female. The name ox is never applied to the individual cow, or female, of the domestic kind. Oxen may comprehend both the male and the female. —”

Well there you go, you learned something new. At least I did. And now I am in Ashland, OR. Tomorrow I will play the tourist some more, with a visit in McMinnville to the Aviation Museum that houses Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, as featured in The Aviator (which made me want to see it) and Tillamook, for the Tillamook Cheese Factory, (tour complete with free cheese samples, I hear) and the World’s Largest Wooden Hangar, built during WWII. Can’t get more exciting than that, could it?

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