Yes, I had to go visit Stonehenge.

Because. It was there.

Originally built as the nation’s first World War I monument to fallen soldiers, the design chosen happened to be based on the original Druidic Stonehenge, just made with concrete “stones” rather than the real thing. Rumor has it that the Washington Stonehenge is on the same latitude as the original it emulates.

Standing, overlooking the bridge below, Mt. Hood in the distance, Oregon and Washington both clearly divided by the Columbia River Gorge, I felt like I was in a Brueghel painting. And try as I could, I could just not get my hair to not hide Mt. Hood in the distance. Oh well.

Echoes of Brueghel

Echoes of Brueghel

Forgetting to Smile as Usual... Self-Portraits are Serious Business!

Forgetting to Smile as Usual... Self-Portraits are Serious Business!

Oh, but I have not really given a photo of Stonehenge itself, now have I? Oh, I suppose I could, but doesn’t the mere mention of a replica Stonehenge pique your interest? Do you want me to spoil the surprise of what it looks like? You do, because your chances of trekking to Washington to see it are slim? Fine, I will provide.
How's this for a peak?

How's this for a peak?

And there you have it. Fortunately, Stonehenge happens to be very close to a unique museum with all sorts of fascinating history, the Maryhill Museum. Sam Hill was involved. A member of Romanian royalty too. And rescued fashion models from WWII France. Yes, that Sam Hill, the one leading to the phrase “Where in the Sam Hill…..” Visit if you get a chance.

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2 Responses to “Stonehenge”

  1. gary Says:

    remember Spinal Tap and their wee little Stonehenge???

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    That’s so funny! My friend in Portland was telling me a story about having aced a paper because he mentioned the Spinal Tap movie to a Stonehenge obsessed professor, who had never seen it, and was looking for new facts about Stonehenge (how he graded their papers). Apparently, he loved the movie, and especially that part! Who can’t love the absurdity of that movie?

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