Sasquatch Recap Day 2

Day 2 Sunday (5/24/09). The neighbors further down were playing Eminem. Continuously. They were frat boys and girls and seemed hell bent on staying drunk the entire weekend.  Listening to Eminem, I wondered what band was of any interest to them.  They were also usually at their campsite, no matter what time of day it was. Did they actually ever step foot in the festival? I saw some of them inside on Monday, so I guess yes.

Sunday was an awesome day, including several bands I had never heard before that I thoroughly enjoyed. These included Fences (despite technical difficulties), John Vanderslice (peppy alt rock), Hockey (peppy fun), The Wrens (energetic and wide ranging musical stylings), and M83 (a French, uncategorizeable band). I also saw the Walkmen, whom I had heard others enthuse about, and found them a great band to not pay any particular attention to, a good thing to relax to. I was reading Charles Bukowski’s book Women that day, so I needed bands that I did not have to work hard to listen to. Fences had a devoted, reverent audience who were silent throughout the performance. Love these audiences!








I also saw the Submarines, who did one of the Apple ads, and played a glockenspiel, always a plus in my book. Street Sweeper Social Club (with Tom Morello on guitar) and Murder City Devils I merely made the note of loud. St. Vincent, whom I had seen back at Austin City Limits a couple of years ago, was now much more confident and rock driven than previously, so I will have to take a closer listen to her music now, since it has changed. The Builders and the Butchers were very energetic country/folk/bluegrass? I love energetic bands, it is so easy to catch their infectious spirit.

Airborne Toxic Event, The Dodos, TV on the Radio and finally, NIN ended the day for me. I missed Of Montreal (whom I heard had wookies and other special guests on stage with them, and I found confetti on the ground by that stage the next day) and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, because they both conflicted with Nine Inch Nails. I caught a bit of Deadmau5 as I walked out, waiting to see his fantastical headpiece, but he was not in costume. No Jane’s Addiction for me. Besides, the night before we found that we could hear the main stage just fine from the campsite, where we were not subjected to winds and cold, and could eat and drink freely what we had.

Trent and Nine Inch Nails

Trent and Nine Inch Nails









Sunday night, the girls next door determined, was to be a party night, to make up for the lack of partying the night before, and their leaving early Monday night. I walked back to my camp and saw two young men I did not recognize lounging on their cooler, but the girls nowhere in sight. Odd, I thought, since I knew full well they had put the cooler in their car before heading off to the festival. So the girls were somewhere about, and these guys must be someone they knew? I looked at them quizzically, trying to figure out who they were. And they noticed me looking at them, and started including me in the story that was being told. Collin was recounting a really strange trip he had had, whilst on ‘shrooms and heroin, if I understood correctly, and how a figment he created who looked like Tom Morello but had Collin’s eyes, told him to believe in himself and no he was not gay, despite all the people in his hallucination telling him he was. So of course we the listeners had to ask, are you? And he said no, he wasn’t. But so far, he had only had a partially homosexual experience, and was looking to be rid of his virginal status.

At this point, since some of the girls had returned, and his friend the other guy Chris, turned to me and asked would I be willing to take on the task of deflowering poor sincere, cute Canadian Collin?

Uh? I needed to eat first, before I could even consider this proposal. I asked one of the girls why not her, and she said she was in a committed relationship, otherwise she would. There was also an assumption I might perhaps be more experienced. I needed a drink. And in the midst of all these preparations to even begin to assess this Collin, he wandered off, not to return. I hadn’t said no, as I hadn’t even had the chance to get to know him. Oh well. Here’s wishing Collin got his desire fulfilled that weekend, and had a wonderful first experience.

In the meantime, Chris’ friend Buster showed up, and it was decided that all of us would go over to their campsite. Which turned out to be in the VIP section. Far, far away. A long trek away. Even longer when you had to go to the far side to sneak in through the hole in the fence, since security was actually checking for VIP wristbands at the main entrance to the VIP campground. But once in, we discovered the portapotties were luxurious flushables, and there was water and soap waiting once one was done. Ahh, soap! The first soap I had found so far! As long as the trek was, the VIP residents actually don’t have to experience it, since they get to be bussed to their own entrance to the festival. The perks of VIP. I couldn’t tell, but it almost seemed as if they had unlimited in-out privileges.

Drinking and smoking ensued, and listening to music through Buster’s mini Cooper’s sound system.  Eventually all us girls lay down on an inflatable mattress with Buster, to better watch the shooting stars and satellites passing by in the sky. There were far less lights in VIP than our camping section, so the full Milky Way was visible. We also watched the blinking red lights to prevent planes flying into the windmills on the nearby hills. We were waiting for Chris to come back from visiting another campsite.

Chris came back, and about the same time security came by to let everyone know that the portapotties we were using had rattlesnakes. So be careful. Wow, VIP had so many more amenities than regular camping, including rattlesnakes!

More took place that evening, more wanderings, mentions of pterodactyls, bleeding fingers, bonfires and the sounds of a riot taking place on the other side of the VIP fence. We even came across a circle of people kicking a single soccer ball, chanting something no one could make out. And we chilled in a canvas circus tent, under the pirate flag. We returned to our campsites, and looked back where we had been, and noticed the sky getting lighter, the sun thinking of rising. It was 4 am when we all crawled into our tents.

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