Coffee Cups

Okay, so I am still working on a solution that works for me, and I may have found it. Let’s forget the travelogue for a little bit, and get back to green solutions. Here it is (found under the inflatable deer heads for your wall at Powell’s):

Coffee Cups Solution

Coffee Cups Solution

Yes, it looks just like a Starbuck’s grande container, without the logo, but is instead porcelain, and with a silicon based lid. Okay, so I have an aversion to silicon, just like I do of plastic, so that is my hesitation from purchasing my perfect solution. Doesn’t silicon get crusty yukky hard to clean like plastic if material is left on it too long? Then it just becomes too difficult to clean, and just easier to throw out. That’s what I’m afraid of. Especially for a travel mug that will live in the car, I’m just not convinced it will be that clean most of the time.
Anyone have any silicon experience to share with me, to dissuade me of that belief of mine? I just want to be sure this really will work for me before plunking down my $18.99 for the solution to my coffee cup problems.


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