Seattle consisted of staying at the house of yet another techno-geek, who of course had wi-fi throughout the house, so I could get a lot of catching up on the internet done. Thank goodness, I wouldn’t want to get behind on my internet connectivity.

This is my first view of this house of these friends, and they have lived here already eight years. Oops. Not to say I haven’t visited in the intervening time, just not at their house. They live in beautiful Columbia City, a part of Seattle I had never heard of before. Beautiful to me because it is that right mix of residential/industrial practical that is attractive to me (and apparently to some of my friends) and also makes it affordable. Two blocks away is the main drag known as WA 167 or alternately, Rainer Avenue South. On Rainer is all that a little community could need: a bar, a couple of restaurants, a movie theatre, a playhouse, a coffee shop (of course it’s Starbucks, it’s Seattle!) and some other businesses that I didn’t notice but equally necessary, like banks and other things. But right across the street is a large industrial thing, that the front of the house has a lovely view of its roof. All a moot point, as there is a proposal to tear it down and build a six story condo complex. Six story! The neighbors are not happy, as all the tallest buildings are merely two. It is not in keeping with the neighborhood, but there are too few neighbors to protest. Lots of renters, few owners. And of course it would be of benefit to the businesses to have more people in the area. But the hope is to perhaps have it only be three story maximum, rather than six. Who knows how it will play out.

The backyard is where it is at. With a nearly house wide deck, the yard is small, but filled with the trees that tower from the cliff that is the bulk of the back yard. Cats and squirrels happily exist in the back yard, room for all in the jungle.

Green Glory of a Backyard in Seattle

Green Glory of a Backyard in Seattle

At night I can hear trains. I forget how much I miss hearing trains when falling asleep, a faded memory of my childhood, until I hear them again at night. It is soothing to me, a reminder that there are always other places to go and see. If one wants.

So two days of laying low in Seattle, and there was eating dinner at the Mexican restaurant, having drinks at the bar, having yummy Sunday brunch at the same bar, dinner at an Italian restaurant. Except for the latter, there was only a slow mozy out the door and down the hill to get to the destinations. And playing on computers, playing with twitter, playing with google docs, and what fun it all was.

But the idyllic weekend had to end. So I got in my car, and drove real far, and ended up in Montana. If it is Wednesday, when you are reading this, then I am definitely in Montana.

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