Wall Drug

So Wall Drug reminded me of the phrase from Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come…”

If you build anything out in the middle of the plains, and post signs for miles and miles in advance in all directions, they will come. Just to see what the hub-bub is about.

Wall Drug Bill Board #542

Wall Drug Bill Board #542

It doesn’t guarantee they will stop, though plenty enough seemed to.

And if you have the only gas station for another few miles, and if you’ve stopped already, why not just fill the tank up while you have the chance, even if the price is higher than what it was just the last stop with gas?

And if curiousity or gas doesn’t entice them, how about offering ice cold water, for free, and coffee for a mere five cents? Surely that will get some more. Or how about a free donut and coffee to any war veteran? Or newlyweds?

I don’t think any of the enticements are important. I think it is curiousity and restlessness that get most to stop. Time to stretch the legs, take a pee break.

Wall Drug Bill Board #795

Wall Drug Bill Board #795

And sure enough, HAHA! made me look! But I refused to stop or buy gas, I just cruised on through, abiding the 15 mph speed limit and tight street due to the large pick ups, campers, and meandering pedestrians, and got back on the freeway, looking for cheaper gas.

Wall Drug in all its Glory

Wall Drug in all its Glory

You have been warned.


2 Responses to “Wall Drug”

  1. gary Says:

    Did I miss something, or simply forget it? Where are you headed Sarah? You seem to be looping around to New York?

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    Good heavens, no! If I were heading towards you I would at least give you fair warning! No, that’s the next trip, where I end up at your doorstep. But I would of course have to get your address. Or maybe not. Purple houses probably not that common….
    Current destination: Tennesee for Bonnaroo. It’s loopy because I’m killing time, and making it up as I go….

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