Minneapolis Nightlife on a Monday Night

Got in the car, and drove not too far to nearby downtown Minneapolis. (St. Paul and Minneapolis are 9 miles apart, according to the tour guide of the Capitol Building.) I was surprised to find parking meter hours extended to 10 pm, and dutifully plugged quarters into the meter. But too many, as I didn’t realize it was almost 9 pm, because it was still plenty light out. Silly northern lattitudes! Fine Line Music Cafe was my destination, where Taylor Baggott/Josh Hoaby Band/Chiefs of the North were playing, for the price of free!

I hesitated while outside, because the band playing sounded a little too twangy for my tastes. But apparently that was their last song. I walked in in time to see the set change. Josh Hoaby Band was up next, I found out by asking the man seated behind me, who turned out to be the electric guitarist’s father. Watching them set up, I started thinking, they may be cute, but they looked too young. Looking at the father, who seemed to be my age, I determined they couldn’t be older than mid-twenties, and during the set they mentioned none of them were legal drinking age. Phew, I was right, it isn’t that the 20 somethings look younger and younger to me, there are some 20 somethings who really are young. Josh Hoaby mentioned they were signed by an LA label, so maybe they will make it out to LA one day. They were versatile, but had a predominantly pop-rock/ballad sound.

Josh Hoaby and Nate Johnson, son of proud father seated behind me

Josh Hoaby and Nate Johnson, son of proud father seated behind me

They were good. They were confident. They were having fun. Josh Hoaby has a definite engaging personality for performance, and the father told me that this was the nicest place they had played so far. They just seemed to need a little more practice. More confidence. But they had the chops. The sound mix didn’t help, as the bass was the most prominent instrument to be heard, you could barely hear the electric guitar, and I was sitting on that side of the stage.


The next band (Chiefs of the North) came to set up, and I was happy to see they were more in their 30s, that age when a lot of men seem to start developing receding hairlines if they are going to. The singer came across as kinda shy, and couldn’t decide if he wanted to wear his Buddy Holly b.c. glasses or not, whether he wanted to see the audience or not. But then he sang, and the musical stylings of the band ranged from blues to metal to hard rock and roll, and they were awesome. The singer was obviously enjoying himself, whether shy or not. He teased the audience, and they had a devoted fan base, who immediately started dancing once they took the stage. They ended up playing an extra two songs since they audience would not let them leave. They gave away free CDs at the end of their show to any who wanted them.

Chiefs of the North

Chiefs of the North

The night was still young at 11, so then I tried to find another bar, Uptown Bar & Cafe. I had tried to find Uptown, a particular fun and trendy neighborhood, on my last visit to Minneapolis last year, but had had no luck. I had looked for someplace physically uphill from downtown, but I found it by following Hennepin, a main street that occasionally twisted unexpectedly. Hennepin and 30th street seemed to be Uptown. But I heard no music, so I just walked the area. At midnight on a Monday night, there were a lot of people still out and about, walking also or waiting for buses.

Uptown Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis

I then drove back “home.” Crossing the river, I was in St. Paul, in a different county and everyone was asleep. There were hardly any other drivers out on the streets. I managed to get back to my place by guessing what streets to take until I found a familiar one and made the rest of the way home. Wow, I’m actually getting used to the layout here, just in time to leave.

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3 Responses to “Minneapolis Nightlife on a Monday Night”

  1. Kevin Johnson Says:

    Hey–proud dad here. Thanks for the kind words about the band. They’re having fun. I’ve got a few shots of them from that night in the “recent” gallery at http://www.kjphotos.zenfolio.com. They’re playing the Fine Line again at the end of the month.

  2. Taylor Says:

    sorry I was too twangy for you, haha! cool stuff man, keep it up!

  3. Dustin Says:

    Damn straight the Chiefs have a devoted fan base! I was with Tony when he purchases the glasses and he was right to do so!

    Chiefs Of The North!

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