So much to say, so little time!

I have plenty to say, but I am waiting for all the photos I took to download. Sheesh!

I am sunburnt and happy. Well, not happy about the sunburn, but you know….

Because of the sunburn, I did not go and see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform. My body was tired. And by the time it was about the time for Nine Inch Nails to take the stage at 1 am, I had fallen asleep. But Trent and crew woke me up, and I could hear perfectly well from within my tent at my campsite. So it was not a total loss.

Felt much better the next day, was able to make a full day of it in the Tennessee sun, and did make it to see Phish’s second show, and who should show up to be a guest performer, but the Boss.

Turns out that Trey Anastasio as a 12 year old went to his first concert ever, and saw The Boss, and thought all concerts lasted three hours and were such high energy shows. So here was Trey performing with Phish, with the Boss, his shining role model of how concerts are done, performing with him.

Made me think, that you never know who you will have an impact on in your life, whether known or unknown. And how we all do impact one another, every day. Such a beautiful example….

More to follow…. just passed through another storm in Corinth, Mississippi and the sky was the most amazing color. Apparently Memphis was hit by a storm over the weekend, knocking out power and causing other problems. But there is electricity where I am, and internet access, what more do I care?

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