Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a very photogenic city. And lots of pictures were taken as a result. I do not deny a pretty picture from being taken.

Here was last night’s sunset:

Approaching Tucson

Approaching Tucson


And the city exits off I-10 were unavailable, including the main drag (Congress) through downtown, and here was the reason why:

Freeway Overpass Construction

Freeway Overpass Construction


Once in downtown, I saw this curious sight outside of the famous Hotel Congress, where I could hear a band playing:

Taking the S Away

Taking the S Away


Where was the S from? They loaded it into a truck. Where were they taking it? Was it a bad S? Did it no longer serve its function? I wouldn’t mind having an S in my living room. Of course, I wouldn’t have room for anything else with an S that size!




Next I found I was parked in front of an abandoned hotel, the Santa Rita Hotel, taking up an entire city block in downtown. Perhaps it was actually being renovated, as I saw a guard stationed inside the next morning, seated at a desk, perhaps to check workers in. And behind the hotel, was this statue:

Griffin or Gryphon

Griffin or Gryphon

Well, it is time to go check out the Kitt Peak Observatory, take the tour of the facility and then skedaddle off to Phoenix. And eventually a full night’s sleep, not in the car.

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