Job Search Begins in Earnest

So I’m reading through the listings on Craigslist, which always at least gives me a temperature as to how listings may go for the major jobsites.

Anyway, there was one looking for a virtual assistant, and the very ending qualification needed read like this:

“Can follow directions like R2D2.”

Perhaps they don’t remember the Star Wars movies very well, but R2D2 sucked at following directions. He always did what he thought best, for the hidden orders he had been given. C3PO would tell him something like stay there, and while not looking, R2D2 would have wandered off. I think they meant, can follow directions like C3PO. Or, total brown-noser like C3PO who will go above and beyond to impress.

Considering the previous skill set mentioned was dotting all I’s and crossing all T’s, do you think it would score me brownie points if I mentioned in my cover letter that I think they meant C3PO and not R2D2? Or would I just come across as a total sci-fi nerd, perhaps still living in my parents’ basement, to quibble with that? They could have just said robot, rather than specifying a fictional robot.

It’s actually not a problem, since I didn’t have all the job skills they are seeking, so I won’t be applying for the job, as there are others that I seem better suited for.  I just found it funny. I bet they weren’t expecting that as a reaction to their job posting.

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