Prada Marfa

Okay, so you may have noticed on my twitter feed that I mentioned seeing a Prada store on a lonely highway west of Marfa, Texas. My first thought was it is one of those guerilla stores I read about, that pop up in some industrial non-retail site with the remnants of last season, do an advertising, word of mouth blitz, and then disappear. Since Marfa is an artsy town, my second thought later was that it actually wasn’t real at all, but an art installation to be stumbled upon. Apparently that is closer to the truth.

The store that I saw, speeding by at 70 or 75 miles an hour, that I chose not to stop for, since there was no easy place to turn around on a two lane highway, was fully stocked. It was not empty. The pictures and story I have found on it show it variously empty, so I guess it has been updated. Wish I had taken a photo, but since it was totally unexpected, so sorry.

Not knowing anything about Prada, since it has obviously been restocked since the original looting of it, I couldn’t tell you what season’s shoes and bags now fill the interior. And apparently, a poster for Prada Marfa has shown up in that decider of all things pop culture, Gossip Girl.

Now I feel like I’m so much more in the know, now. Don’t you?

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3 Responses to “Prada Marfa”

  1. lollie Says:

    Yes, I do. Thank you. I was wondering if the “store” was empty or full.

  2. redroomsalon Says:

    Fully stocked, as noted in paragraph two, at the time I saw it. If you drive by, what you see may be different!

  3. roxstar928 Says:

    i’ve passed by the Prada Marfa installation twice in the past 2 years. it’s meant to be an installation that will weather in the texas sun as time goes on… inside, there are some pieces from the Prada collection that was current as of it’s Prada Marfa’s art opening. it’s not meant to be a “store” at all. no one tends it. it’s meant to feel as deserted as Marfa, I guess. inside, the shoes are one-offs, without their matching pair, as well as some handbags. there are also many notes left near the site by other visitors…

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