Squandering Talent

Squandering talent is a terrible thing to waste.

I have been watching the first two seasons of Dexter, the Showtime series about a serial killer hidden in the midst of the Miami Police force as a forensics expert on blood spatter. Who would know it better than an actual killer?

Anyway, my ability to pay the bills just arrived in the mail today, and I feel like such an ingrate, accepting it. Worse still, here I have been not working for over a year, claiming all I really want to do is write, while I haven’t been working on any of my ideas when I have the time.

So Dexter, and his struggles deciding whether he should listen to his urges or not, has put me in the proper mood to work on one of my novels in progress. Mixing genres, it is the tale of a vampire serial killer and the cop who chases her. And their love affair, never knowing the prey from the stalker. And already I am off to a good start, telling the story from three points of view, the good, the misguided and the evil, and from more than one story time point. A three subject notebook is helping keep it straight, as I jump around. It’s fun, trying to find three distinct voices, and listening to their perspectives unfold.

It’s not like I haven’t thought about these characters before, as this was the project I worked on for a year and a half when I was taking screenwriting classes. I have worked on more than one alternative story line trying to get the tale out, but could never finish it. My classmates repeatedly told me to give up on the screenplay, just write the damn trilogy of novels it was begging to be, and then option to write the screenplay when the movie rights sold. I am listening to their advice now, as I feel time is running out of my mid-life break in career action.  







And all thanks to Dexter, the fictional serial killer, and his choosing at the end of Season Two, to not squander his special talents. Now that’s good writing!

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