Internet Connection Continues to Be Spotty,

please bear with.

Hopefully, the problem will be resolved when I get a new router in the mail. That is when I am switching to internet-only provided by my land line company, with no land line any longer.

I feel as if I will be naked, not having a land line. I’ve had one all my life, and for the last decade at least I have only had one as my mother is too polite to tell me when she can’t hear me on my cell phone, when the connection is less than perfect. That, and since I refuse to get cable, it is the only way to get an internet connection.

Until a year ago, I find out. That was when my telephone carrier went to a separate internet only possible configuration. Of course they didn’t bother to tell me, not until I was prepared to cancel both my land line and internet subscription because I refused to buy a new router! I mean, I don’t buy a car thinking it will just die in a few years, I expect it to last. So my router, it’s almost 3 years old, I got it when I moved here to my flat in Westlake. Why did it die? Not happy am I.

There’s free internet here in the building, if I go down to the lobby. But it turns out a lot of the movies I watch are R rated, I don’t really notice until I’m someplace public and get acutely aware of the language that might be offensive to my fellow neighbors. Besides it gives everyone an idea of how much time I spend on the internet if I just hang out in the lobby. I’m usually emailing and twittering and researching also, but that is not so obvious.

One of my neighbors offered to share his wi-fi with me when I first moved in, something he did with one of the former owners of this unit, so I already knew it worked. But, in trying it for the last week, it doesn’t really work, since the rate keeps fluxuating, something not conducive to streaming movies through Netflix, which I do frequently. I get to some really climactic moment in the story line and it has to restream, so it can buffer enough to show me the rest of the movie (until the rate changes again, and it does it all over again….)

So I ordered interent only, and will be getting a new router for the price of shipping only. Apparently the thought of losing me as a customer entirely suddenly changed their minds about how much the router cost. How convenient!

So, that’s the scoop as to why I have not posted much of late. Once I am back to ethernet and not wi-fi, all will be steady again. It will be a happy day.

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