Still Alive, After All These Years

The weekend spent in New York City/Jersey City for All Points West Music Festival was fabulous and all, but each night it would take until 1:30 or 2 am to get back to Brooklyn Heights, and so I have been a bit remiss in blogging. Hopefully the tweets in the meantime have filled a bit of the void. But the tweets only happened when I could get reception, my cell phone worked and the twitter website all managed to cooperate simultaneously, in addition to the gods of technology blessing the trio of events, a bit of a struggle each time. Despite having wi-fi where I was staying, I was just too darn tired at night, and kept hoping to wake up early enough each day to do something, but somehow it just didn’t happen. Some more sleep always won out.

No worries, now I am laying low in Ithaca, staying with a friend from junior high school with whom Facebook allowed a re-connection.  (So loving the new social media! And its useful applications in everyday life, like travelling!) And his wife. And two dogs and two cats. Already we caught up on a few things we mis-remembered about what transpired when last we knew one another, all those years ago back in high school.

Rather than being bored, my friend’s wife was heard uttering she is learning more about this husband of hers, from our stories.

Read what he had to say about my impending visit here. My past, as remembered from someone else’s viewpoint other than my own. I suspect more might be revealed in the next few days, so stay tuned. There are plans afoot of visiting the local favorite alehouse The Chapter House Brew Pub tomorrow night, during happy hour(s), meeting up with some people they know. I looked over the beer selection, and am happy to see Lambic and Hard Ciders on the menu, thank goodness. I have options! Though the beer selection does look good, if only I drank those kind of beers….. And Joyce Carol Oates will be speaking at the University on Wednesday night, so off to see her, and of course the gorges Ithaca is famous for are also deserving of visits, and so you can see a more relaxed but still interesting next few days are shaping up.

Well, that’s all I have the energy for at this point. Somehow the bus ride was exhausting, the seats somehow sapped whatever energy I had today, so bedtime is calling to me!

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One Response to “Still Alive, After All These Years”

  1. gary Says:

    Onward and upward sleepy head!

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