After a number of unsatisfying shots under various light conditions, this is what I got:

Piggy Mug, courtesy Gary Rith, potter

Piggy Mug, courtesy Gary Rith, potter

Gary takes much better pictures of his work, but then again, his studio is light filled, while I try to keep my apartment dark, the better to keep it cool.

This was given to me as a gift, upon my visit to Gary, his wife, their house and studio, in beautiful upstate New York. It is cousin to some other piggy mugs, one held by Gary, one now in the possession of our old school friend Carrie.

Here is a picture of those mugs, taken on a fine afternoon earlier in August, outside a neighborhood co-op store/cafe, on the other side of the building that houses the famous Moosewood Restaurant. Yes, that Moosewood, of cookbook fame.

Carrie and Gary's Piggy Mugs, Litter Mates

Carrie and Gary's Piggy Mugs, Litter Mates

As I was drinking the coffee/cream concoction from my own piggy mug today, feeling its lines and bulges and piggy thumb rest, I thought about the feelings I have when touching this mug, and all I can think of is love.

Gary loves his life, and it comes through in his blog, in his pottery. He loves his wife, he loves his house, he loves his animals, those living and past, he loves where he lives, near Cornell and its numerous attractions, but in a quiet little village where everyone knows everyone by sight and name, because they all must pick up their mail at the same small post office. And that love flows through his body, his fingers, into his works. Holding a piece made by Gary, is holding a physical manifestation of love. It is full of whimsy and color and wonder. And love. Just like Gary, his wife, animals and house/studio are. Oh, and his cooking. I forgot to mention his nummy concoctions.

May we all have lives as rich and wonderful, and so easily seen by others.

Thank you Gary, for my piggy mug, an unexpected gift, one that will be treasured mightily!

One Response to “Love”

  1. gary Says:

    le piglets!!!!!!!
    Wonderful seeing you Sarah, miraculous almost, after almost 30 years 🙂

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