August Artwalk

On the second Thursday of the month, it was artwalk in downtown LA’s gallery row area. Sure, there’s the map of the galleries, but I am learning that is not where the magic is.

The magic is in the unannounced stuff, the extras, the random sightings and happenings, some that gather crowds, and some that are relished for being the only one who notices.

August Art Walk Sticker on 4th

August Art Walk Sticker on 4th

I was attempting to meet up with a crowd of local members of CouchSurfers, since I am a new member and want to get officially verified, which makes me more desireable for people to allow me to stay with them. Unlike what I have been doing for my travelling digs, of staying with friends, or family of friends, or family, this would now enable me to find out about and stay with total strangers, and be safer about it than just bumping into a random person on the street. They were at the Edison, a local bar that is housed in what was the first electrical generator in the city of Los Angeles, a generator that existed for the benefit of one entire building. Anyway, the Edison was having Happy Hour, where they turn back the clock to feature drink specials at the prices of their hey-day, like Gibsons for 25 cents.

Needless to say, there was an extremely long line to get in. Who doesn’t like cheap drinks? Next place the CouchSurfers were to meet up was at a hot dog store called Weeneez. They do serve more than hot dogs. It was a mere two or three blocks away, but first I needed some mocha, and here was a cafe I had heard of open, there was some art in the intervening blocks, a cute guy who I saw at more than one gallery in the same order as I, and somehow, by the time I made it to the hot dog place, 45 minutes had passed, and they seemed to no longer be there, and I didn’t know where they were headed next. Oops.

Interactive Art concerning thoughts on Katrina

Interactive Art concerning thoughts on Katrina

It was nearly time to meet some friends who I had also scheduled to meet, (always good to have a back up plan,) and I wandered into a place that seemed to be setting up for a presentation or movie or something. There were seats, a screen, and lots of electrical cords and computers. And a wine bar.

Spoken Word Presentations

Spoken Word Presentations

 And there we stayed. My friends visited Franken Cart, a food cart catering to vegan hot dog lovers, and we had front row seats thanks to me. It turned out to be a spoken word presentation, where a bunch of writers picked words they liked and explained them in slideshow presentations. Some were practiced, some were off the cuff and too long. We left when it was half way done, and though interesting, it was getting tiresome that none of the writers could keep to a time limit. They sure liked talking!

By that time, most of the formal galleries were closed, and someone wanted coffee, so we went to the place I had gone to, but they were closed, so we walked on down to the place I knew was open until 4 am on a Thursday night, and all were happy. We stopped at the Hive Gallery, always open later than most, with so much to see, and I wandered into the back section, where a fan was blowing the hot air, and admired the walls.

The walls are covered in a dark green fuzzy shag. It gives the room a cave-like feeling, relaxing despite the heat, of moss dripping from ceilings and walls, perhaps the steady drip of water in the background could have added to the experience. Makes me want to turn my heat cave of a bedroom into a similar shag covered room.

Walked back to our cars, to find a group of people leaning against mine while waiting to get into a restaurant, and remembered Lost Souls Cafe was open, a source of coffee, was just a walk down the alley. My friends thought the walk to LA Cafe was a bit far, but I knew they were open, as I had entirely forgotten that Lost Souls was open late for Art Walk. Ooops.

So a rather haphazard experience, but all the lovelier for the randomness of things seen, heard and found. I look forward to September’s, next week.

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