So last weekend was Outside Lands Music Festival, up in San Francisco, and I was in attendance, having driven up to my relatives who live in the Bay, and stayed in Pleasant Hill and took BART into the city and then used MUNI to get to Golden Gate Park.

I really like rails. Since BART is not in traffic, even with all the stops, I think it ends up being the same amount of time as getting in one’s car to get to the same place, minus the aggravating traffic. And the BART parking out in the outlying communities is free on weekends, and actually free depending on what floor of the garage you end up on during weekdays.

Not wanting to deal with the hordes of humans returning from the festival squeezing on a bus, each night I walked from Golden Gate to the Civic Center to catch BART again. A nice 4 mile walk every night. And I got to see sights and sounds and things. And hills, not in a car and hyperventilating.

My cousin was the only person at the Pleasant Hills house. His folks were on a trip involving cruise ships across the Atlantic and landing in England. And my cousin was getting ready for Burning Man. I was there starting Thursday night and left Sunday, and he was going to originally leave Friday night, after work. When I saw him Friday, he was tired and decided to get up early and leave Saturday morning. Since he’s part of a group campsite, members of their group have the privilege of an early entry pass, which meant they could arrive before the official Monday at 12:01 am gates opening. Saturday morning, I woke earlier than he, but still after his planned 6 am departure time. When I left, he was watching soccer matches but promised he would be gone by the time I got back.

I laughed when I saw the lights on, and his car still out front when I got back Saturday night. It had been a full day of British soccer matches, and he had never left the house. It was also unbearably hot, so going outside was an unenviable task. He was all set to load the car, but was waiting for it to cool off. Besides, a good night’s sleep before a week of not enough sleep, seemed like a really good idea.

Needless to say, when I left Sunday morning, he was still there, and soccer was still on the TV. But he assured me he was not as emotionally invested in Australian soccer, which was now on.

Personally, since he only had the one house key to give me, his, I think it was all a ploy to not have to give the key up. So it worked out great!

I was just happy to see the severe case of procrastination that I often suffer from when preparing for a trip, seems to be a family trait. Like writing blog entries when I should be packing…..

Abandoned Calendar from February, on the street in August

Abandoned Calendar from February, on the street in August

So found. While wandering the hills near some lake above the Castro district, I found plenty of street parking, and more than one person’s stuff neatly stacked on the sidewalk, either abandoned or booted out of their eyrie. I saw large screen TVs, bicycles, wheelchairs, and other assorted stuff. I contemplated the bike, that if it worked perhaps I would get sooner to the BART station. But would it fit in my car for the drive back? I left it as is.

And then, in front of a really nice house, I found knick knacks. Normally, I am not a knick knack kind of person, really, I am merely a paper horder for sure, but something about this stuff attracted the magpie in me. I paused because I saw what looked like one of those really cool coffee things that look like science experiments and are supposed to create the perfect essence of coffee, since the grounds and the water are separated. It turned out to a be a light fixture, but a cool science looking fixture. Beside it were some chalices. Chalices I say. Why?

So I picked up the five metal chalices. I lugged them down that hill, into the Castro District, into the Mission District and onto BART to sit outside the house, in case any bugs were living in the basket it was kindly packed in. I just now took them out of the car, as I am packing again for another road trip to another music festival. Here they are. A bit tarnished, but intriguing.

Metal Chalices safely in LA now

Metal Chalices safely in LA now

I included the cat, to give a sense of size, since a viewer may not know how large my water glasses are. Or my cat, for that matter. He’s 8 pounds. The water glass in 1000 milliliters.

So next time I am called upon to pretend to be medieval, or simulate a church ceremony, I now have some appropriate objects to lend the proper air. The basket I could do without, but since I don’t know where else to put the five of them, the basket stays. It is probably even worth something, one of those bent wood baskets with a pressed metal edge on top, and hand painted tole on the sides. Just doesn’t speak to the magpie in me, not shiny and pretty to me.

I found I could live in San Francisco, if I didn’t need to bother with a car. Hyperventilating while driving is not something I want to experience on a daily commute because of hills. Out in Pleasant Hill, the local realtor office had a three bedroom house for sale for $179k, in nearby Concord, blocks from BART. I could do that, and own a car, and work in the city. I could almost afford that house, too. Because I did see help wanted signs throughout the city. Get some roommates, be a working professional in the silicon valley area this time. Just a passing thought.

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  1. gary Says:

    Tres excellent idea, move to san Fran!

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