House Guests

The nice thing about having some house guests show up, is there is suddenly an excuse to actually pick up and clean around the house, rather than just putting it off, business as usual.

I now have two rooms clean, the bathroom and the bedroom and its connecting hallway, which is perfect for guests. They stay in the bedroom, and use the bathroom and I’ll deal with the disaster known as the kitchen and the living room.

The Gleamingly Shiny Clean Bathroom

The Gleamingly Shiny Clean Bathroom

The Hallway, with girlie Vanity

The Hallway, with girlie Vanity











Couch Surfing is the reason for the house guests, and so far I have had three stay with me, a Canadian from Hamilton, Ontario and two German girls. My actual commitment/agreement, is to arrange a place for them to stay free of charge. That I am successfully able to provide. Clean sheets, clean towels, hot shower, cold drinking water, etc. These are the extra amenities that I can give easily. Once I finish picking up the kitchen, I might actually be able to cook for my guests. Eventually, we might be able to sit down and watch a movie in the living room. This will be how I measure progress, how many more amenities I can offer easily.

The Bedroom in Full Guest Regalia (official Guest Sheets with matching towels!)

The Bedroom in Full Guest Regalia (official Guest Sheets with matching towels!)

I have no clue why I never thought of this before, that having house guests over will simply force me to deal with my apartment, rather than never inviting anyone over, and thus never dealing with it!  You know the story, it just is too hot, the piles of stuff begin to overwhelm, feeling depressed, I’ll get around to it later (when it’s cooler, when I’m more awake, feeling less down), etc. Somehow, two years slipped away, and my place still is not in order from my moving in. Of course, some of it is merely moving from a two bedroom apartment down to a studio apartment, and despite having gotten rid of a lot of furniture for the move, not getting rid of enough stuff!

There are many reasons I decided to open my home up to others. One, I think I am in a great location for visiting tourists of Los Angeles who will be using public transportation and sharing what’s great about LA. Two, my future plans involve running a resort/hostel, and so by hosting people in my private space, I get a sense of what is needed for a more public space to work. Three, I get to interact with people, something needed for someone who no longer has the daily interaction of co-workers. And finally four, it’s all an excuse to get my place ship-shape! It’s win-win-win!

Next on the agenda: planning a party, complete with inviting many people over simultaneously, which will guarantee that I have to get the rest of the place cleaned up. 🙂 Fabulous!

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