Birthday Bash at Disneyland

Thursday was a friend’s birthday. She had asked friends if they wanted to join her by celebrating at Disneyland, and as my days are free, I agreed. Disneyland has a program that if you attend on your actual birthday, you get in free. I had thought about going on my own birthday, but somehow never got around to it, so I was excited to go for someone else’s instead.

I had last been at Disneyland when I was a young, impressionable married thing, and it was the first time I went. I don’t remember exactly what year it was, but it was about 20 years ago. So, twenty years later, things might have changed.

Two other friends attended, one a girlfriend from New York City, another a girlfriend from San Diego. None of us had ever met before, and we all enjoyed one another’s company. It was a delightful day, well spent in the Anaheim heat.

It was fun going with the other three women, because they had all visited Disneyland or Disneyworld when children, and all of us were trying to remember what the rides were the last times we had visited. What had changed, what had gotten modified but still had remnants of the original rides, fun stuff like that.

We also made fun of the blatant additional advertising, as if the rides promoting a particular character from a Disney movie was not enough, including the gift shops catering to a particular franchise line at the conclusion of that specific ride. Oh no, Dole, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Etch-a-Sketch and more had their additional stamp to promote themselves. And let’s not forget the Disneyland resorts and housing development you could buy into…. And yet, everyone remembered it as children, it just was more annoying as adults, since we had already paid our exhorbinant ticket price, surely we could dispense with the additional commercials?

Onjectification of Minnie

Objectification of Minnie

We got a kick out of discussing from a feminist perspective in one gift shop how the Minnie Mouse mugs that did not include her upper torso and head to be the objectification of women in general, that’s the kind of joking fun we had all day.

We were talking about strippers and how some men delude themselves to believe that a woman they can buy the services of might have an interest in them, forgetting they are paying them to be interested in them. This while in line to the submarine ride, when we realized our surroundings and perhaps the parents of the innocent children surrounding us might not appreciate our conversation. We joked about getting ejected from Disneyland for inappropriate conversation material.

Like I said, a fun time was had by all.

Sarah and Jack Skellington, just in time for Halloween (and Christmas!)

Sarah and Jack Skellington, just in time for Halloween (and Christmas!)

I spent a majority of the time laughing unabashedly at the scripted tour guide schpiels, screaming in mock terror, and singing “It’s a Small World” endlessly with everyone else. I actually rode the Matterhorn, forgetting that it was a roller coaster. Once I realized it was, I merely shut my eyes, leaned into the curves and kept telling myself to relax, relax, breathe, breathe, relax. I did not ride Splash Mountain. And Space Mountain was closed, as was the Haunted Mansion, for Halloween decorating. Why can’t they do that at night time so we can ride our favorites on the one day we show up?

Of our merry band, one has a birthday coming up in late October, and already we were discussing coming back, and this time going to California Adventure, since none of us have been. The rides and Halloween decorations will be up by then, and we are busily checking our calendars.

Why can't we all just get along, like in It's a Small World?

Why can't we all just get along, like in It's a Small World?

One of our group suggested that if everyone in the world rode It’s a Small World on a daily basis, there would be no war or strife in the world. I was thinking, everyone would be driven insane and the random killings would increase as a result of listening to that song so often, but I kept that to myself.

Thank you Walt, for giving the world a fantasyland that kids and adults can both enjoy.

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