Creepy Dream

Woke up from a creepy dream this morning. Please, allow me to share!

The dream goes like this:

I go to visit my aunt’s house. (This is true. I was there during my recent visit to SF.)

My aunt introduces me to her boyfriend. (Doubly not true. My aunt wasn’t there, and she is married, has been for a couple decades now? She and her husband were on a cruise, and that’s why they weren’t there.)

Her boyfriend turns out to be Warren Beatty. (Need I say that’s not true?)

My aunt is tired, as I showed up late, and goes off to bed. Her boyfriend, however, and his attendant attendants, usher me into the media room, where a lush, Italian landscape is showing on the mega-screen, some Technicolor movie from Mr. Beatty’s past is playing. He invites me to lounge on the only furniture, a round bed harkening back to Mr. Beatty’s infamous bachelor days. The attendants stand at attention in the back of the room and are easy to forget they are there, standing as if life sized Oscar statues.

Blah, blah, you can guess where we both have to be to watch the movie. There I am, lying in the arms of Warren Beatty. As creepy as that is, given he is my aunt’s boyfriend, is that he keeps calling me by my aunt’s name. Yuck!

There you have it, my creepy dream in wonderful bright happy colors.

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