Post-Apocalypse Maybes

So, I’ve been catching up on that TV show Jericho, that was cancelled and then brought back by fan loyalty.

Ya know, post apocalypse, survival of ordinary citizens of middle America, trying to get by on the golden rule principles they grew up with. Trust your neighbor, defend your own, right to bear arms, loyalty to family and friends, etc. Of course, being farmers in a small town in Kansas, they have many useful skills, like farming, animal husbandry, how to shoot or trap wild game, ride horses, and make stills.

I had to go downtown yesterday, in the middle of a workday, after watching the entire first season of this world. As we well know, I am easily sucked into believable fictional worlds. I am still clear they are fictional, but I get into the mindset.  

So here I am, downtown, watching all the business people walking about talking on their cell phones, texting, driving about, sipping their drinks. Definitely not the world of a post-apocalyptic collapse, after the EMP and thus the electronics no longer work. How would these people cope? How would I cope if such a thing happened in our world?

But I have had this thought before, of where and what would I do if indeed some catastrophic event took place. Not to be pessimistic, but to be realistic. I do live in the land of the current fire season, soon to be followed by the rainy season which leads to the inevitable mudslide season. I live in a neighborhood that is rarely affected by any of these, but the residual impact is felt. And sonic booms from nearby landing shuttles and random earthquakes are definitely felt in my neighborhood.

But none of these make for an apocalypse.

I frequently have the what if thought when I go to visit Burning Man. Out in the desert, nearest city at least a couple hour’s drive away is Reno. Since Burning Man is a leave no trace event, if water, electricity or food are desired, they need to be brought in. This means generators, port-a-potties, roads, fences, wi-fi, all these are brought. There are engineers galore, where duct tape is king, and PVC piping a faithful queen. Or maybe rebar. 

And knowing nothing of fall out winds or target destinations (would it be population centers or military bases or industrial centers that would be most important to take out?) I have always presumed that Black Rock City in northwestern Nevada would be a safe place to head, if indeed a nuclear apocalypse happened. Because, a group of people that love to play in harsh conditions, able to withstand extreme swings in temperature, dust storms, high winds, alkaline soil, bring all their own stuff and pack it all back out again, while with the stated intention of playing with fire (and listening to lots of dance music), for an entire week, for fun, these would be people most readily able to survive anything the world could throw at them. Hopefully they would have the same idea and we could all head to Black Rock City to survive together.

Then again, my parents up in sparsely populated Montana, also has struck me as a good place to head after any disasters when the infrastructure collapses. Again, people who already hunt and fish and farm and know how to survive harsh conditions and fend for themselves.

Noticing a pattern here? I can not imagine remaining in a place with millions of people, if electricity is not working, and transportation is disrupted, not knowing where my food and water would be coming from in the future. There is only so much I can grow in my tiny apartment, only so much I could possibly store that would keep, only so much. Even with Mobile Storage Unit #1, otherwise known as my car, with its earthquake preparedness essentials, and some dried food and water and sleeping bags at all times in the trunk, there is just so much that I can have in my everyday life to prepare for this possibly extremely disruptive event.

Again, like I say, not that I am a pessimist, but trying to be a realist. One need not look very far back in history or to very distant lands to know that having a plan of action in case of anything are not bad things.

And there are times when I wonder what would be my special contribution or skill that I would be able to give to a new society not based on technology and commerce but on survival.  I know I can be calm in emergency situations, so I would hope that I would bring level headedness and patience to situations. I also have been training through my volunteering on organizing groups and supplies, and those seem like useful skills for any world.

One Response to “Post-Apocalypse Maybes”

  1. gary Says:

    If I were you? YES, go to Nevada. Montana is COLD!

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