Burning Man Recap

So, didn’t go this year, though I had offers of RVs to stay in, or groups to hang with or even possible carpooling. This year, I say, I will go next year. I firmly commit to it.

I was happy to finally make it to Bumbershoot in Seattle instead, and I am thinking that is how it will go, every other year going to the other one.

That makes it easy. Therefore, next year is Burning Man!

And then, this last weekend, I spent an evening volunteering, and discovered one of the people that I knew was going, hadn’t. And he had bought tickets for people that flaked, so he then had extras and the only reason he didn’t go, was because he had no one to go with.

I nearly hit him when he told me this. “You should have called me! I would have gladly gone! I just didn’t have the money for a ticket!”

Now he’s kicking himself that he didn’t think to call me, because he knew I was on the fence about it.

So we agreed, between the two of us, that we will definitely be going next year. Phew! Decision made, action in place, great to know.


In the meantime, in honor of my not going, and to feel the spirit of sexuality and bacchanalia and burning large effigies of The Man, I chose to watch The Wicker Man. Both versions. The original still rocks. In the original’s commentary, they spoke of additional footage lost, but still managed to show a few bits, and this longer version emphasized more of the omnipresence of nature’s own voluptuous, oozing sexuality.

The remake? Starring Nicholas Cage? Directed by Neil LaBute? Why is Neil LaBute such a woman hater? See Nicholas hit a woman full in the jaw. See Nicholas be frustrated by a matriarchical society. See Nicholas be betrayed by the woman he loved. See Nicholas try to escape. See him be captured. See Nicholas burn. Burn, Nicholas, Burn!

At least in the original, it was a clear conflict between Christianity and Paganism. The investigating police officer is an uptight Christian, faced with temptation as soon as he lands on the island. It’s even believable he’s a virgin, since he is engaged but not yet married. All that believable conflict is gone in the remake, where it is just foreign, heathen, isolated ways versus mainstream “correct” America. And mainstream America, as an invading conqueror of ancient times past, is the victor by sheer force. Or is it? Surely there will be an investigation into the disappearance of Nicholas Cage’s character, as emphasized by the two brief cell phone calls that would surely pinpoint his location.

Apparently, the version I saw, is the alternative ending version, not the theatrical release. However, the DVD didn’t have the original theatrical release version on it. The original version has the female predator pagans out enticing more mainstream Americans into their scheme. Luring them back to the hive…..

Watch the original. Skip the remake.

One Response to “Burning Man Recap”

  1. Carol Elaine Says:

    This is the second Wicker Man review I’ve read this week, the other by my friend Eric. Glad to see that the both of you have such excellent tastes in movies.

    CuteFilmNerd lent me the DVD earlier this year and I finally saw it – absolutely fantastic. Plus, you know my life long devotion to Christopher Lee, so this was pretty much a slam dunk for me.

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